Puregold rolls out ‘No Plastic Use’ days nationwide

Ivy Piedad, senior marketing manager at Puregold
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MANILA, Philippines — Barely a month after Puregold launched its “No Plastic Use” days in its NCR stores, more than 110,000 single-use plastic bags were saved.

Initially done once a week, the supermarket chain also gives P1 cashback for every eco bag used by Perks and Tindahan Ni Aling Puring members.

Due to the public’s positive response, Puregold expands its sustainability efforts as it rolls out “No Plastic Use” days nationwide.

Sustainability: Everyone’s responsibility

Puregold promoting 'Walastik Mondays'
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As most of us know, the Philippines is the world’s third biggest polluter with 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste generated each year.

Single-use plastics clog the waterways and endanger marine life and ecosystems, which is why taking steps towards curbing their use now couldn’t be timelier.

Again, we have beautiful laws. It’s only a question of implementation. Thank goodness, more and more establishments/companies are doing their part in reducing plastic packaging and the use of single-use plastics in their day-to-day operations.

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“When it comes to consumer waste management, avoidance is key. Let’s avoid generating waste—at home or in the office,” Ivy Piedad, senior marketing manager at Puregold, said.

“Puregold has always been aware of the importance of sustainability, particularly packaging, in its operations. With the success of our ‘No Plastic Days,’ we are expanding this to include Mondays and Wednesdays starting September 26,” she added.

Puregold shopper using eco bag
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With our tingi culture, can we really do away with plastics?

“Yes and no,” replied Piedad. “Those who belong to the middle class can opt to buy in bulk, or bigger sizes because they can afford it. But what about other members of our community who can’t afford these things?”

According to her, Puregold has already made a road map that would lead the supermarket chain to address the post-problematic packaging materials.

“Soon, we will give incentives to customers who will bring empty sachets and bottles—of shampoo, noodles, coffee, creamer, etc.—to Puregold for recycling. Hopefully, we could encourage all our sari-sari store owners to do the same in their community,” she said.

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