PAVI powers off-grid areas

MANILA, Philippines — Prime Asset Ventures Inc. (PAVI), through its constituent power companies S.I. Power Corp. (Sipcor) and Camotes Island Power Generation Corp. (Campcor), is set to produce a total of 21.27 megawatts (MW) of power to energize off-grid communities.

PAVI said this would serve almost 60,000 households in Siquijor and Camotes Islands, whose residents have long awaited for a reputable power provider after suffering from unreliable power connections in the past.

“We’re detecting an increase in demand due to the holiday season. PAVI through Sipcor and Campcor has built the necessary infrastructure to serve these previously underserved, and unelectrified Filipino households,” PAVI president for power group Jose Rommel Orillaza said.

“We aligned our business goals with the government’s direction, in order to help prioritize rural electrification, as we believe this will also contribute to overall economic recovery,” Orillaza said.

Sipcor currently has a 20-year power supply agreement (PSA) with the local power cooperative, Province of Siquijor Electric Cooperative Inc.

It is providing 12.86 MW of power through bunker-fired power generation facilities and power stations.

On the other hand, Campcor has a 15-year PSA with the power distribution utility of the island, Camotes Electric Cooperative Inc.

Located in municipalities of Poro and Pilar in Camotes Island in Cebu, Campcor is supplying residents a total of 8.41 MW of power through their diesel plants and generating units.

The company will also be providing ancillary services to power distribution system that includes load-following, reactive power support and voltage regulators.

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