DFNN appoints new independent director

MANILA, Philippines — Software firm DFNN has appointed Steve Tsao as its new independent director.

His appointment was announced during the company's regular board meeting on May 13.

Tsao has shown success in his career beginning with Fortune 50 firms and most recently with initial public offerings, M&A’s as well as growth firms in online gaming, media, investments, venture capital, fintech and online payment gateways.

His international experience includes stints in Greater China, South East Asia, India, Middle East and North Africa.

"Stakeholders draw upon his deep passion for building impactful teams and businesses that deliver quality returns," DFNN said in a statement.

Tsao's management experiences include process management roles in Corning and Dupont, president and chief operating officer of IP Ventures Group and IP E-Games and Gigamedia, chief executive officer of Tahadi Games Media and group CEO of Mayfair International Technology.

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Tsao is also the founder and managing director of LeadHope Digital, an online gaming publishing company focusing on South East Asia markets.

“DFNN is a technology innovator in some of the quickest growing industries such as gaming, block chain and digital currency. The opportunities to operate in a sandbox environment in the Philippines, and then to expand and grow the opportunities globally is something DFNN has continuously demonstrated under good governance," he said.

DFNN said "this welcome development is a testament to the company's commitment to bolster its board of directors with experts that will help not only ensure sustainable growth but propel the same to new heights."

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