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German parties seek compromise on migrants, climate change

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for another round of pre-talks on forming a new German government at the headquarters of her Christian Democratic Union in Berlin Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. (Michael Kappeler/dpa via AP)

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc and two smaller parties are pushing hard to reach an agreement on climate change and immigration, two key issues where compromises are needed if they are to move ahead with coalition talks.

Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats and sister Bavarian-only Christian Social Union parties were meeting yesterday with the pro-business Free Democrats and the traditionally left-leaning Greens. They'd hoped to agree Thursday whether to start formal coalition negotiations but now they are now aiming for a resolution by Monday.

The Greens have run into opposition with their demands for Germany to end its use of coal and combustion engines, as well as a proposal to allow more categories of recent migrants to bring their closest relatives to join them in Germany.

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