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Angping wants to go halfway to end squabble

Harry Angping

MANILA, Philippines - Philippine Sports Commission chair Harry Angping wants a peaceful 2010 for RP sports.

“All I want for Philippine sports is for peace and unity to prevail among sports leaders – that’s my new year’s wish,” Angping told The STAR.

Angping, now on his 11th month as the highest official of the government’s sports agency, said he’s willing to sit down with Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr. to settle their differences.

The country’s top two sports leaders have been at odds on almost every issue.

“I’m really hoping we could sit down and talk and find a solution to what’s happening right now,” Angping said.

Angping explained there was nothing wrong with the way he ran things at the PSC except that his policies went right smack against the POC’s own policies.

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“How can I be blamed for doing things that are good for the PSC and Philippine sports in general? This is the way I feel things should be run. If they don’t like it then so be it,” he said.

Under his leadership, Angping implemented some streamlining measures, saving millions in the process.

Angping provided the athletes whatever necessary – extra cash incentives and bonuses, food, foreign exposures and training – to improve their performance in international meets like the just concluded 2009 Southeast Asian Games in Vientiane, Laos.

Despite the conflicts, the country still managed a decent fifth place finish in Laos after bagging 38 gold medals.

“Imagine if we all worked hard together, maybe we could have won more gold medals,” said Angping.

Angping said his focus now is coming up with the same formula, maybe stricter, in forming a competent team for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

“We’re increasing the monthly allowances in 2010 only to athletes who are deserving,” said Angping, referring to a planned monthly stipend worth at least P25,000.

“Some of the gold medalists should be in the list but not all because they still should prove that they’re really deserving of the spot,” Angping also said.

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