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7 vintage explosives dug up in Sagay City

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines — Seven vintage bombs and explosives were discovered and unearthed last Monday at Barangay Fabrica in Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

Chief Inspector Robert Mansueto, Sagay City Police chief, yesterday said that the assorted vintage bombs, among them believed to be mortar and anti-tank rounds, were discovered by a certain Romeo Arais, while he was digging a hole in the ground for a septic tank.

Mansueto said one of the unexploded vintage explosives and bombs ignited after it was hit by a shovel. When it was taken by Arais for disposition, a juvenile boy suffered minor burns after he was hit by a fluid coming from the corroded explosive.

Barangay Fabrica used to be a headquarters of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War 2, records show.

Mansueto said he had secured the area, pending disposition of the vintage bombs by the Explosive Ordnance Unit of the Philippine National Police. The house of Arais was temporarily vacated by its occupants, pending disposition of the explosives. (FREEMAN)

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