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Did ‘hoverboard priest’ go overboard?

Video posted by a religious group on Facebook shows Fr. Falbert San Jose celebrating mass on a hoverboard while singing to the congregation at the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal parish in Biñan, Laguna.

MANILA, Philippines – The priest may have gone overboard when he used a hoverboard while celebrating mass.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Public Affairs Committee executive secretary Fr. Jerome Secillano yesterday said a priest in Biñan, Laguna who was seen in a video on social media using a hoverboard “went overboard” because the gadget distracted the faithful during the mass.

The priest on a hoverboard was identified as Fr. Falbert San Jose of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal parish.

Secillano said the CBCP has no official stand on the matter yet since the bishops’ next plenary assembly is scheduled late next month. But it would be assessed from the point of view of liturgical laws that the hoverboard plays no part in the mass.

“Mass is very important, it is the highest form of worship and these kinds of gimmick should not be done. You can innovate, you can be creative, but your creativity and innovation has its limitations. What is important here is the homily, so if you will celebrate mass, you should keep it as solemn as possible,” he said.

“These kinds of things, it actually deviates the attention of the people from the mass itself. What is important here is that the priest should be able to convey the message that came from the readings, especially the gospel,” he added.

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The CBCP official also said that it was not necessary for the priest to walk from the altar to the back of the church because he would still be heard since a microphone and sound system were available in the church.

“These kinds of instances that have already created an uproar and has captured the attention of the public, his bishop will most likely talk to him,” Secillano added.

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