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Atienza okays ban on oil firms in Pandacan

Manila Mayor Lito Atienza signed into law yesterday the ordinance reclassifying Pandacan from a heavy industrial to a commercial-residential zone, paving the way for the phasing out of the oil depot in the area within six months.

"It’s final. With the ordinace, the oil firms operating at the Pandacan oil depot will have to cease operations and move out before June 30 of next year," said Atienza.

He noted that the ordinace would pave the way for the full development of Pandacan into a residential and commercial area.

Since the oil firms still have six months before the transfer, the mayor said the city government would issue a temporary permit to the oil firms operating in the area.

Under the provisions of the ordinance, operators of industrial firms and other similar business situated in the area would have to cease operations within six months after its effectivity. The ordinance would become effective 15 days after its publication.

The ordinance also empowers the mayor to form an ad hoc committee to formulate plans pertinent to the reclassification. – Cecille Suerte Felipe

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