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Should the administration be worried if Gov. Ed Panlilio runs for president?

Col. Ben Paguirigan Jr. Ret., Zamboanga City: Of course, Malacañang should worry if and when Gov. Ed Panlilio runs for president. Pinoys might consider him for a change, like how Americans voted for Pres. Obama.  Ricardo Tolentino, Laoag City: On the contrary, the administration will rejoice as the plan of Fr. Panlilio to run for president will further divide the already fragmented opposition.  

It may be to the administration’s advantage

William Gonzaga, Marikina City: As it is, there’s nothing to worry about. It only means that Pampanga is now open for PGMA’s bet to recapture. On the national scene, more opposition candidates may mean better chances for the administration’s bet to win. What happened in the Pampanga gubernatorial vote may even be repeated on a national scale.  

Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: No, it rather boosts the chances of the lone administration bet of winning as the much-too-ambitious priest will further divide the votes meant for opposition bets.  

Cris Rivera, Rizal: On the contrary, those in the administration will only be too happy. It is the opposition that is bothered by their ilk. To each his own interest. Nobody cares for our country.  

Leandro Tolentino, Batangas City: Even if the governor runs for prime minister, the administration should be happy and contented in dealing with a divided opposition.  

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Norberto Robles, Taguig: Panlilio’s presidential ambition is to the advantage of the administration. The disunited opposition’s problem is who can dissuade this political bumpkin, who believes he’s doing God’s will, from running.

Luisito Vallo, Pangasinan: Why worry? Among Ed has no chance of winning the presidency. There’s no need for GMA to make a fuss over his candidacy. Besides, it would be one less formidable opponent for Mikey’s governatorial bid.  

Ed Alawi, Davao City: Gov. Panlilio has not done anything good for Pampanga that could be worth emulating elsewhere. He’ll be a nuisance candidate to the advantage of the PGMA anointee. PGMA even prods Gov. Panlilio to run for president to divide the votes and give her own candidate a better chance of winning.  

Among Ed is a real threat

Lorenzo Fernandez Jr., Cabanatuan City: I guess they should be worried, knowing that Ed Panlilio is the kind of politician that cannot be ignored or taken for granted; one who has made his mark and is already a sensation in Philippine politics.  

Romeo Nabong II, Saudi Arabia: Sure, there will be a feeling of anxiety in the administration once Among Ed confirms that he is running for president. I say this because Among Ed is a real threat. The priest-turned-politician is a good alternative among the other presidential wannabes. In addition, Among Ed’s reputation in dealing with graft and corruption is laudable  something that could really worry the corruption-infested administration.  

Elpidio Que, Vigan City: Of course, the administration of PGMA would say that it is unfazed and unafraid about Among Ed’s intention to run for president. But for sure, deep inside, she fears the specter of him running. The skeletons in her closet would come out to push her.  

Robert Young Jr., San Juan: If Gov. Panlilio is elected president, the Arroyo administration has plenty to worry about. Gov. Ed will surely prosecute the Arroyo administration for its anomalies during the past nine years.  

Digoy Coro, Batangas: Gov. Panlilio is another presidential alternative that the administration must seriously consider.  

Romeo Caubat, Masbate: Yes, because procrastination and complacency have no place in our society. The administration must treat every opponent as a dangerous enemy.  

Panlilio is a lightweight opponent

Ric Vergara, Calamba City: The administration, as well as the opposition, need not worry about Panlilio because he has no political machinery. However, I would still vote him.  

Vir Lauzon, General Santos City: No. Fr. Panlilio is a lightweight. He eked a win in Pampanga, a mere province; southerners hardly know him.  

Edgar Artates, Parañaque City: Worried? Why should the administration be worried? When it comes to a national position, Gov. Ed Panlilio is undersized. He is the only one who overrates himself.  

Nick Ocampo, Angeles City: The administration will not be worried. Gov. Ed Panlilio must serve first as congressman, then senator.  

Jae Delos Santos, Muntinlupa City: No need to worry. He doesn’t even have the machinery.  

Sahlee Reyes, Las Piñas City: Nah. He doesn’t have the clout and the popularity to go with it.  

Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: There’s nothing to worry about.  

Ryan Pahimulin, Rizal: If an opponent is a newcomer and has no political machinery, a politician has no real problem.  

Panlilio is no trapo

Jesus Mendoza, Pangasinan: Panlilio is not a traditional politician. That should worry the Arroyo administration and the other presidentiables with various vested interests.  

Dennis Acop, Baguio City: Who cares if the administration is worried or not? Gov. Panlilio should run. Anyone is better than the incumbent, except Erap.  

Germi C. Sison Cabanatuan City: The administration should not worry, even if he wins. They should worry if Erap, Villar, Roxas and self-proclaimed messengers of God become our next president because they are also after personal glory. Gov. Panlilio, an apolitical person who has been dedicating his life to serving humanity, may win with the support of people, but he will ask for nothing in return and deliver honest, prompt and effective public service. As the Holy Spirit dwells in him, Gov. Panlilio is the sure Moses of our time to liberate us from the evils of corruption and to lead our nation to lasting peace and prosperity. So, why worry?  

Fr. Ed has a messianic complex

Avelino U. Falcon, Saudi Arabia: No. He is just one among those wannabes who are afflicted with a messianic complex. He seems to be out of touch with what it is on the ground level of mounting a nationwide campaign for the highest elective position of the land. My folks and the rest of our people in Surigao del Sur do not know him that well.  

Rudy Tagimacruz, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon: Gov. Panlilio fits the description of the ideal political candidate in the ongoing nationwide politics education drive by the Catholic church. That’s why.  

Panlilio should go back to the priesthood

Armando Tavera, Las Piñas City: Gov. Panlilio should return to his priestly duties rather than aim for the presidency. He can’t even unite the people of Pampanga.  

Jim Veneracion, Naga City: It shouldn’t worry them  not if the government had a hand in the Supreme Court’s decision to order a recount of the Pampanga votes. Panlilio should go back to the priesthood.  

Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: The good priest is not even acceptable in his own home province nowadays. His posturing is a frantic move for a graceful exit from politics.  

Mylen Subico, Metro Manila: It’s better for Gov. Panlilio to stay with the church for enlightenment. He would not make a good leader for our country.  

Let’s give him a shot

Jayson Biadog, Mandaluyong City: If it’s his calling, let’s give him a try. We’ve tried eloquent, smart leaders before. I think a leader from the religious or sports sector might do better.  

Lolong Rejano, Marinduque: No doubt, Father Ed would be the best alternative for the 2010 presidential derby, and Malacañang feels threatened because they know that the Filipino people are seriously looking for a righteous leader. Fr. Panlilio stunned not only Kapampangans in the last elections, but also the rest of the nation. He could become the first president from the religious sector and become a phenomenon in the history of politics. I am ready to “sacrifice” my vote for him.  

Does he know what he is doing?

Cris Rivera, Rizal: No. He is a man without a clear vision of what he wants to be. His objective in life is blurred.  

Rose Leobrera, Manila: Bakit naman, is Among Ed a strong contender for the position? Di naman ah. In Pampanga alone, he isn’t even impressive. He does not have the machinery and money to consummate his much bigger ambition. What is extraordinary about him? Is it his honesty? Aside from the P500,000 bag then, I haven’t heard any good news about Fr. Ed. All I’ve heard is that he’s too legalistic and not in good terms with kurakot politicians in Pampanga. This is why basic services to the Kapampangans are not delivered ASAP. So much paperwork is required in order for a transaction to be finalized and approved. Okay naman si Father, kaya lang the action is too slow. I just wonder what makes him think of running for president when the mess in Pampanga has not yet been resolved.  

Rey Onate, Palayan City: I can’t think of even the minutest reason why the administration should worry, if ever a confused person like Panlilio runs for president. The CBCP should worry most.  

Ruel Bautista, Laguna: Gov. Panlilio winning as governor is an experiment gone bad. He lacks the proper tools to govern effectively. Are we really that dumb to make him president?  

Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: It’s Gov. Panlilio who should be worried considering the enormous resources he needs to run for president.  

What’s there to worry about?

Vic Nario, Dagupan City: Palagay ko, kaya gustong kumandito sa pagka-presidente si Panlilio ay alanganin na siyang manalo sa pagka-governor sa Pampanga. Bakit magwo-worry ang administrasyon?  

Jimmy Donton, Puerto Princesa City: To worry would mean that the administration admits that it’s not doing well. Among Ed is like any political leader who wants to be elected to the highest office in a democratic country within the Constitutional parlance.  

Ed Ledesma, Iloilo City: Why the paranoia over a priest who has turned his back on his God to embrace mammon? Just asking.  

Elizabeth Oximer, Negros Occidental: Why worry if they are not hiding anything? Let’s wait kung ano ang pasasabugin ni Panlilio. This should be interesting.  

Erwin Espinosa, Pangasinan: Why should the administration be worried? Who is Among Ed to worry about? Huwag siyang pansinin kasi mas lalong ambisyoso ang trying hard na pari.  

Lydia Reyes, Bataan: Why should the administration be worried? Is Among Ed a sure winner for the presidency?  

Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte: The immaturity of the present electorate doesn’t warrant the administration being worried, should Gov. Ed Panlilio run for president.  

Jose Fabello Jr., Cagayan de Oro City: Of the presidentiables coming forward, Fr. Ed is the last guy the administration should worry about.  

Rowena Remiendo, Quezon City: Why should the administration worry if Gov. Panlilio runs for president in the first place? He is not the only anti-government presidential candidate.  

Magda Donato, Tarlac: Gov. Panlilio undoubtedly has good intentions for the country. He is not the man the administration should worry about.  

Valerie Joyce Go, Tacloban City: Why worry about him? He is just like any other presidentiable.  

L.C. Fiel, Quezon City: Gov. Ed Panlilio should be the least in the list of the administration’s worries. How can he pose a threat, when his governorship is even in peril?  

Jose Parco, Aklan: Really? What has Malacañang got to worry about? They were never worried at all with a lot bigger issues, like Garci and ZTE. So why should a mere priest like Gov. Ed Panlilio make a difference?  

Dave Velasco, Marinduque: Why should the government be worried about Gov. Panlilio, when he has neither political machinery nor money nor national governance to speak of?  

Rico Fabello, Parañaque City: What has Gov. Panlilio done so far that will make the administration worry? Is it because he’s a man of God? Well then, politics knows no religion.  

C.B. Manalastas, Manila: Who’s worried about the do-nothing discredited Pampanga governor and now salingpusa presidentiable Ed Panlilio? Even his peer, Bishop Cruz, isn’t.  

Other bets to worry about

Gerii Calupitan, Muntinlupa City: What, me, worry? This might as well be the administration’s reaction to Among Ed’s presidential bid. Mas worried pa sila kina Chiz, Erap, Villar or a bit about Loren, Binay, Bro. Ed/Mike, Teodoro, etc. but not the governor of Pampanga. As cabalens themselves have commented, the only accomplishment Among Ed can boast of is the lahar collection increase in the province. Even the CBCP is not too keen on RP’s first priest president. Amen.  

Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: No, there’s no cause for alarm. She should even be more alarmed of other presidentiables, who are considered formidable.  

Juan Deveraturda, Subic, Zambales: No. If there are candidates the administration should be worried about, they are Sen. Manny Villar and Sen. Mar Roxas. They have the political machinery, popularity, performance, track record, and wealth to put up a good fight against the administration candidate. Besides, the administration would be more than happy if there are more opposition candidates.  

He’s not winnable

Benjamin Nillo, Las Piñas City: The administration shouldn’t worry a lot if Gov. Panlillio would vigorously pursue his presidential bid. He’s not really a winnable choice.  

Ferdinand Rafer, Cavite: The administration need not worry; he’s sure to lose. I feel that he can’t even win a reelection as a governor of Pampanga.  

Narciso Alano, Cabanatuan City: No, he won’t win. He’s not even sure if he really won in Pampanga. The presidency is an impossible dream for Among Ed.  

Louella Brown, Baguio City: Should Gov. Panlilio run for president, the administration should not be worried. He cannot win in national elections. Not yet!  

Aldo Apostol, Quezon City: Why worry? He will not win.  

Eddie Yap, Kabankalan City: As I’ve said before, Gov. Ed Panlilio should just go back to the church, where he will be most effective and credible. No need for the administration to be worried for, predictably, he won’t make it anyway. And if he’s really deadset on running, can he please get a good skin expert to remove the blotches on his face? Don’t you think we need a more presentable face to represent our country?  

Real issues to worry about

Lienne Fernandez, Metro Manila: What the government should be more concerned about is ensuring fair and peaceful elections next year.  

Erneil Garfin, Bacolod City: The government shouldn’t be worried. Like every presidentiable, Ed Panlilio is just a candidate for the position. The government should focus more on ironing out the problems currently being faced by the country so that before PGMA ends her term, despite the numerous scandals she’s been involved in, she can make it up to the Filipino people.  

Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: Worrying should be the least of the administration’s priorities should Among Ed run for president. Our administration should focus instead on achieving its economic plans and facing the major issues confronting our country.  

Nepahmy Alapar, Bacolod City: The administration should not worry; instead it must focus on helping the people and uplifting its reputation.  

Jerellee Ann Adaro, Bacolod City: The administration has nothing to worry about with regard to the candidacy of Gov. Ed Panlilio. I think the administration should worry more about how it will eradicate or even just minimize corruption and dishonesty in our country.  

We ought to worry

Carlito Pajaro, Pasig City: The people, and not this administration, should worry if ever Panlilio runs and wins the presidency. He knows nothing about governance.  

C.B. Fundales, Bulacan: No, it’s the people who must worry if this priest decides to stay in politics. Religious doctrines are meant for faith, not for effective leadership.  

Joe Nacilla, Las Piñas City: Considering all factors necessary in our political exercise, Gov. Panlilio knows that disadvantages outweigh the advantages. If Gov. Panlilio will stubbornly proceed with his ambition, the Filipino people should worry, not the administration. As a man of God, Gov./Fr. Panlilio must focus his attention on God’s interest in our life.  

Leonard Villa, Batac City: Yes, the government and we, the people, should indeed be worried if Gov. Panlilio runs for president. Why? Because he’s not even fit to be governor, how much more president?  

He hasn’t proven anything

Concepcion Gaspar, Laoag City: I would be worried if he becomes the next president. If he is misgoverning Pampanga, as his constituents claim, what more the entire nation? Politics is not his cup of tea.  

Johann Lucas, Quezon City: No need to worry; Fr. Panlilio has not yet turned Pampanga into a good province. It’s not better than before; there’s still jueteng.  

The people we will decide

Lucas Banzon Madamba II, Laguna: The administration should not be worried should Gov. Ed Panlilio run for President. Each presidential candidate has an equal chance of winning the elections and of becoming the next president. Each candidate should just work hard to attain the pinnacle of leadership in the country.  

Val Mindaro, Santiago City: Panlilio should have Cruz, Tobias or Yñiguez as VP so that their stand on issues will be voted upon and for us to return to church ‘pag wala na ang mga ‘yan.  

It’s too early to tell

J-Dub Wenceslao, Quezon City: It’s too early to tell. There’s still a long way to go in the campaign period. As of now, there is no clear advantage yet for anybody, whether from the administration or the opposition.  

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