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'Anonymous Philippines' hacks gov't websites anew

A screencap of the message hackers left on the defaced government websites on Thursday.

MANILA, Philippines - Hackers protesting against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 set off to infiltrate another round of government websites late on Monday.

The hackers, collectively known as "Anonymous Philippines," defaced the online presence of local government units including Bukidnon, Bolinao and Calasiao both in Pangasinan and Luna in Apayao Province and replaced them with a black screen, a logo and a message citing their right to freedom of expression.

"What happened to the law? Are all laws meant to be broken? Are they made to fool people, deprive them of their rights in exchange of what we believe as Heavens for Politicians?" the hackers said in a message, while quoting Article III, Section 4 of the Constitution providing the freedom of speech and expression.

The hackers, comprising of at least 13 members, also left their aliases on the site led by "PrivateX" whose name was also posted in some hacked government sites in October last year.

Implementation of the controversial measure is set to continue this February as the Supreme Court's judgment on its constitutionality has not yet been decided.

The group also defaced online properties under the National Maritime Polytechnic, National Book Development Board, Bureau of Customs, Department of Health's SmokeFree campaign and several departments of the Philippine National Police.

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Websites of municipalities of Gregorio del Pilar in Ilocos Sur, Anilao in Batangas as well as Apayao Province were also hacked.

Meanwhile, sites of the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, Cebu Port Authority, Metro Manila Development Authority, Optical Media Board and the National Telecommunications Commission had been restored as of posting time.

The National Bureau of Investigation had started the probe on the hackers since their first notable hacking spree in October last year.

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