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From visionary to demolition man

During election campaigns in the past whenever Mayor Tomas Osmeña ran for mayor, the South Road Properties always figured out in his speeches. After all, he was responsible for making the SRP. Of course, Mayor Osmeña could not have done it without the help of his dearly departed pal, the late Press secretary Cerge M. Remonde who prodded then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to approve the SRP. So one can say that Mayor Osmeña is totally obsessed with the SRP.

But I was aghast to read in yesterday’s papers that Mayor Osmeña threatened to demolish the structures built by two developers at the South Road Properties, alleging that they “illegally” encroach into the road right-of-way. The mayor apparently gave the respective managements of Filinvest Land Inc.'s Il Corso at Citta Di Mare and SM Seaside City 10 days to explain why their locational clearance, building permit, and occupancy permit should not be revoked. Now if the mayor is not satisfied with their answers, then he plans to order the removal and demolition of these structures as they were “illegally” constructed.

The man who prides himself to be a visionary and a builder now wants to be known as a “demolition man.” Of course, the ordinary man on the street does not have an idea where these violations occurred. So it would be proper for the mayor to identify where exactly are these violations and best of all, is there a compromise to fix the problem? That’s if there is a problem at all.

What’s really bugging Mayor Osmeña? Why is he so consumed with hatred at these developers in SRP to the point that he is giving outsiders the wrong image of his persona in threatening to demolish those structures? I can enumerate many buildings in Cebu that have violated the National Building Code yet Mayor Osmeña has not threatened their owners of demolition. Abangan!


I was watching Mornings on ANC with Karen Davila and her guest was Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar and their hot topic of the day was the so-called “Lenileaks” where all those rumors about the involvement of Vice President Leni Robredo in the “plot” to oust Duterte were unraveled in the Internet.  Of course, she vehemently denies getting herself involved in such a sinister plot, saying she would rather focus on her job than dignify allegations on her alleged involvement to unseat the president. But then what about those leaks?

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The so-called “Lenileaks” can be found in a group in a YahooGroups page that calls itself Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC). In that TV interview, Andanar clearly said he doesn’t believe that VP Leni herself is involved in this group but one who belongs to her staff could be. Hence Secretary Andanar said the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), under my good friend Secretary Rodolfo “Rudy” Salalima Jr., is now doing an investigation into this issue.

I have a hunch that if this story is for real, it can be traced directly to those supporting the Yellow Regime who have been so used to unconstitutional regime change since the 1986 ESDA Revolt. The Yellows have been in power in the last six years and this plot obviously is designed to bring them back to the seat of power. The problem they face is, will the Filipino people follow their lead?

Let me remind you that President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte’s high rating of 83 percent is quite unprecedented, despite the huge negatives he had incurred in the last three months he was in power. At the height of the nationwide protest against the burial of the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), I really thought and believed that President Duterte lost some political stock because this issue was very divisive to the nation. But now it can be told that only the staunch anti-Marcos and Yellow supporters were against that burial at the LNMB. Everyone else wanted to move forward.


Seen last night at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel was the return of that classic Cebuano favorite culinary journey Sugbusog! Sugbusog was launched yesterday at the Café Marco and it is now on its 10th year serving not only our Cebuano locals, but our foreign guests as well with Cebu’s iconic and authentic Cebuano culinary delights. Because of the explosion of Asian foods available in most restaurants in shopping malls, authentic Cebuano dishes are often rare to find. But for the Sinulog Festival, Marco Polo Plaza Hotel brings it back to your tables, courtesy of famed Cebuano chef Mrs. Jessica Avila. See you there and taste real Cebuano cuisine!

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