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Keeping it clean & healthy

Jackielou Blanco, endorser of Easy Pha-max So Easy Colon Cleanse

MANILA, Philippines - In the Philippines, colon cancer ranks sixth as major cause of death. Worldwide, it ranks third.

The threat of a person becoming afflicted with colon cancer is very real. All are predisposed to it. More so among those who have been living an abusive lifestyle, don’t exercise, have unhealthy eating habits (high meat, processed food, low nutrients and very low-fiber diets).

Here are facts that we must be aware of, and more importantly to have the discipline to observe to prevent colon cancer:

Genetic predisposition is a risk factor but lifestyle and environmental also contribute to the progression of colon cancer. Everything we put into our body-junk food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs- reinforces its build-up.

What we do to our body reflects our overall health. Lazy to exercise? Always late or lack sufficient sleep? Much too fond of foods that reek of fat? Hate veggies and fruits? No time to drink at least eight glasses of water? Always stressed out at work or house with chores?

Constipation is another risk factor. It is a serious problem. We should be excreting or moving our bowels at least two to three times a day. But if you are constipated, the toxins that should have been eliminated through the feces will be reabsorbed into the body’s system. If this happens regularly, the internal lining of the intestine will be filled with fecal matter which will become hard, thick and rubbery with the passing of years. The hardened fecal matter cannot be removed by high fiber diet or laxatives alone. Worse, it could lead to self-poisoning.

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Experts say that an average person has about 5 lbs. of retained fecal matter which produces toxins that are absorbed and circulated in the blood and to vital organs. This could lead to what may be as simple as fever or as chronic and deadly as cancer.

To expel the thickened fecal matter, one needs to do a complete and thorough colon cleansing program, regularly, consistently for two to three times a year. Normally, this is done through colonics and enemas or labatiba, but these methods are invasive, very uncomfortable and not to mention, expensive.

According to key executives from the pioneer in 100 percent pure wheatgrass, the best and the easiest colon cleansing program now available in the market is the Easy Pha-max So Easy Colon Cleanse, endorsed by health enthusiast, Jackielou Blanco. So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass is made from 100 percent natural ingredients. It is the only colon cleansing product that has Oil Palm Fiber combined with Wheatgrass, fruit and vegetable fiber and enzymes, which help loosen up hardened fecal matter and push the body waste out from the colon.

To know more about Easy Pha-max So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass, call 890-EASY (3279) or log on to www.mysoeasycleanse.com

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