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Kris Aquino to star in Warner Brothers Hollywood film?

Actress Kris Aquino in a recent trip to Maldives. Screenshot from Facebook/Kris Aquino

MANILA, Philippines — In an Instagram post, Kris Aquino may have hinted what Hollywood project she is going to sign up for.

In a post last April 13, the actress and TV host said she is “fan girling” for being followed by international bestselling author Kevin Kwan, who is behind some of Kris’ favorite books, “China Rich Girlfriend” and “Crazy Rich Asians.”

According to Kris’ post, “Crazy Rich Asians” will soon become “a major motion picture from Warner Brothers.” Will Kris become a part of this project? Is this among the reasons why Kwan followed her on social media?

“Crazy Rich Asians” follows the intersecting stories of heir apparent Nick Young and his cousins Eddie Cheng and Astrid Leong, a Singapore society darling, also known as “The Goddess.” If Kris will be in “Crazy Rich Asians,” will her role be that of Astrid?

“Crazy Rich Asians” will be reportedly helmed by Jon M. Chu, director of Hollywood flicks “Step Up 2: The Streets,” “Step Up 3D,” “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” and Hasbro franchises “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “Jem and the Holograms.”

In a separate social media post on Facebook, Kris, however, did not disclose any information about the Hollywood project she will be working on.

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“I signed a non-disclosure agreement, so until they reveal my participation, I can't share any details about the movie and my role,” she stressed.

Last night, April 16, Kris flew to Los Angeles to meet Chris Lee, her agent, to sign her contract.

According to her, she passed five levels of intense scrutiny and  was offered a role.

“It is surreal to be reading the script from a major Hollywood studio watermarked on every page with my name,” she shared.

“For a year, I experienced rejections. A part of my spirit broke. There were two shows I lost because hiring an Aquino for TV was a political risk not worth taking… But something happened March 23, 2017—a Tony & Grammy award-winning Broadway producer, Jhett Tolentino, contacted me through Rep. Len Alonte and Manang Nene Chan. He was helping a Filipino-Chinese-American agent friend of his reach me to ask if I’d want to audition for a big Hollywood studio movie about to start filming.”

The actress recalled that she had to face intense pressure as she had to submit her reel in 72 hours.

“I felt I had nothing to lose, so we went for it. 48 hrs after Jhett’s call, on March 25, we mounted an audition shoot in Manila Peninsula…We shot, they immediately edited & color graded, both my audition scenes & video BIO. Sunday we sent the high definition material. And we waited. And PRAYED.”

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, Kris said she wanted her fans to know what she went through to get this blessing.

“I pray it gives you encouragement & hope. I am proof that in life doors will shut & there will be heartbreaking setbacks but FAITH in God's plan will open new, unexpected doors. We just need to trust in His Love, Provision, Restoration & Perfect Timing. Grace is unmerited; it's God's Gift we humbly receive with a heart overflowing with Gratitude. To my siblings & sons- I share this blessing w/ you. THANK YOU for being my strength.”

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