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Vilma ‘sad’ over Luis-Angel split-up

Ex-sweethearts Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin (with ‘ex-future mother-in-law’ Vilma Santos

MANILA, Philippines – Just when she was expecting her son Luis Manzano to give her her first apo, Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos got the biggest surprise of her life when she learned that Luis had broken up with Angel Locsin, two weeks after they came back from a US vacation.

“Sad,” Vilma told The STAR in a phone interview yesterday. “Nakapanghihinayang (what a waste)!”

It was actually the sweethearts’ second break-up. The first was a few years ago when Luis admitted that he was “caught” by Angel “with somebody.” For a while, Luis went steady with Jennylyn Mercado and Angel with Phil Younghusband. It didn’t take long before, free again, Luis and Angel got back together again.

In a STAR interview published last Sunday, Vilma was positive that Luis and Angel would get married and give her a grandchild. “But I’m not pressuring them,” explained Vilma.

While both Luis and Angel are mum on the issue, Vilma was cautious about her comment on the break-up.

“Let’s hope for the best,” she added. “It’s their decision because they are mature enough to handle the situation. Nasa tamang edad na naman sila. Naka-guide lang ako as a mom to Lucky and as tita to Gel. Give them time.

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