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Police: Robbery suspect a fugitive in America

CEBU, Philippines - One of the two alleged notorious robbers caught during a police chase Tuesday was found to be a fugitive in the United States of America.

Cebu City Police Office intelligence chief Romeo Santander said that Eric Reyes has a pending warrant of arrest for theft and illegal possession of firearms in America.

 Santander, however, said that they have yet to know the details of the case pending receipt of the official copy of the warrant from their counterpart in the US

Santander said that as soon as the copy of the warrant is available they will consult their legal officers to determine whether or not to turn him over to the US authority considering that he will also be facing a string of criminal charges here because of his involvement in several robbery incidents.

Santander said they will be filing several charges against Reyes and his cohort Edward Teves on Friday. According to Santander, there were already at least five complainants who showed up before the police office to file complaints against them. The police are expecting more complainants to come in the days to come.

Three more complainants against Reyes and Teves have surfaced yesterday, including a spa attendant, who positively identified the suspects as the ones who took her bag last Monday. The attendant said the two pretended as customers.

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An Australian national also claimed that the suspects took his bag inside his hotel room. The foreigner is here for the Sinulog.

Reyes and Teves were arrested by the police during a hot pursuit operation Tuesday after the management of Allure Hotel in Mandaue City accused them of stealing some valuables in the room where they stayed at.

The two tried to escape on board a carnapped Toyota Vios but was pursued by the police until they were arrested at a restaurant in Barangay Kamputhaw. — (FREEMAN)

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