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Sanchez objects to 'slow' reply to request for docs

CEBU, Philippines – Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez yesterday raised a concern over the alleged slow response to his request for documents of the controversial Cebu International Convention Center.

Sanchez said it has been 14 days since he sent a letter request to the Provincial Engineer's Office, but he reportedly did not receive any response. He said he sent a request three times.

But Capitol spokesperson Atty. Rory John Sepulveda said Sanchez should follow the right process by submitting the request to the governor's office. Sepulveda admitted it takes a long time before the documents can be released and advised that if Sanchez is in a hurry, he better ask for the documents from the Commission on Audit.

Sepulveda spoke with Provincial Engineer Eulogio Pelayre who told him that Sanchez' letter request has already been forwarded to the governor's office.

Sanchez said he has the legislative right to get copies of the documents and reiterated that he will not stop from getting documents from departments of the provincial government now that he and Governor Gwendolyn Garcia are starting fresh terms in office.

Sanchez said he will just follow what Garcia herself said about her administration - that the provincial government would be transparent with its affairs. (THE FREEMAN)

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