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Geomancer: Real estate will be good investment

CEBU, Philippines - Will 2010 be a fruitful year?

This is what people are asking as the New Year unfolds.

Paul Ng, a geomancer said that the year 2010, which is the year of the metal tiger in the Chinese calendar, will put business involving earth, water, fire, in good standing.

He said that since this year’s governing force is earth, real estate would be the key factor for economic recovery.

Also, there is also a breakthrough in energy sector and China would be the number one performer.

Ng said that energy is another important business this year. Solar energy would become useful in places where there is more sunshine but less wind.

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While electronic gadgets are getting smaller, they will be more powerful with advanced technologies.

He continued that although the world has experienced global recession, both banking and financial sectors would experience a recovery.

Ng added that target businesses will be those driven by energy sources, nuclear energy, electronic and computers/storage media, especially those with nano technology.

Businesses that deal with communications and the Internet will be on top of the category as people are now more in touch with virtual reality.

People investing in education will soon find their investments “worth the try.”

Show business, on the other hand, will still be a lucrative business, and celebrities will benefit from it.

He said that new building materials and house renovations are on top of the list.

Those who intend to have food business especially those planning to marry are also going to see good investment ahead of them.

Businesses involving automobiles and real estate are seen to be a major factor in boosting world economy.

But Ng warned those who will venture on clothing business to be careful as this will be a “bad and unfavorable” business this year.

Meanwhile, Ng also predicts that the world climate will be “irregular”.

He said that the world would be a little cooler and there would be plenty of rainfall in eastern, southeastern, and western regions of the countries and flooding may occur in those areas.

Northern and central regions may experience drought while northern regions are prone to fire.

As part of his 2010 predictions, Ng admits that major health issues would be due to food products and the cleanliness of water may be problem.

He said that northern countries would be prone to contagious illness and there would be a new form of virus flu to “invade humankind.”

“All things go in cycles-both high and low. The world goes on regardless. However, by knowing the rules of nature, we can avoid many pitfalls and have a better chance to succeed,” he said. — Marjun A. Baguio (THE FREEMAN)

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