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Castles on the Seashore

CEBU, Philippines - I was on vacation from summer classes one afternoon, so I visited my hometown. At home, I kept on watching my favorite programs on television. I then turned to my guitar after I had searched out my compiled songs. While touching its strings, I also sang at the same time. It was a great satisfaction for me when I could finish a song with the music played on in my guitar. 

Sometimes, I imagined myself one of the well-known concert performers. In the afternoon, I usually found myself cleaning in front of our house, watering the plants. When I was already tired moving around the house, I made up my mind to go to the seashore and go on watching the sunset. I walked alone until I came at my favorite place. Under the coconut tree, I sat with my bare hands touching the sand. 

While waiting for dusk to come, I saw a golden-haired girl, whose skin was pinkish, together with a lanky, straight black-haired boy who was very tall for his age. They were building castles nearby. At first, I just ignored the two angels on the seashore, but when the castles they had been building became bigger and bigger, I was mesmerized with what I saw. I could not imagine those kids, who were still eight years old, could build such a big castle. 

Then I moved closer towards them. As I stooped down, I met their brown innocent eyes gazing towards me as if they had questions left unanswered. I asked them why they were building such a big castle. The boy answered, “We are building our kingdom. She is my princess and I am the prince.” The girl then spoke out, “We make this big so that we can live in here someday.” They smiled at me and I wondered why I was asking.

I went back to the coconut tree where I was before. There I enjoyed watching the children who are having fun playing in the sand. I laughed at myself. I remembered when I was eight. Marco, my childhood friend, and I met each other on the seashore at dusk. We made big sand castles and played with the pebbles. We only realized that it was already dark when Nanay called my name as loud as she could. Never did I forget those special moments I had with Marco when we were young, like the kids I’ve just seen. 

Marco and I really had fun when we were just kids. Unlike now that we are already in college. For the past three years, we do not see eye to eye. I think we both have changed. I bet he already has a new princess in his new kingdom. How I wished our childhood and friendship would never end.

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The palms of the coconut tree rustled and the wind whipped my head. Suddenly, I noticed the smooth quiet sea. I started to head back home when I heard a voice nearby calling my name. It sounded familiar but I could not see who was coming since it was getting dark. I was sure it was not Nanay. In a second, my lips trembled, my hands shook and my feet quivered, I asked myself why my heart was beating fast. I could hardly breathe. 

I looked around. Someone then touched my hand. “How’s my princess?” he said.

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