Why is Ukraine winning over Russia?  

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez - The Freeman

The small nation of Ukraine is winning over the giant bully, Russia. Ukraine is winning on the ground, and above all, winning in the hearts and minds of all the world leaders among member states of the United Nations. The reason: Right is might, and Russia is using might to conquer all things that are right. Ukraine is fighting the war from a high moral ground. The whole world condemns Russia; the US, the EU including UK, France, and all the countries that matter much in geopolitics, including 141 countries in the UN General Assembly. Russia is isolated. It is condemned as the bad boy in modern geopolitics.

Ukraine has an area of 603,700 square kilometers with a population of only 45 million people, less than half of the Philippine population. The Federation of Russia has 17.1 million square kilometers with 145 million population. In terms of population, Russia is the ninth biggest country in the whole world, while Ukraine is only 34th biggest. In terms of available manpower, Russia has 70 million while Ukraine has only 22.5 million. Russia has 46,681,219 men and women who are fit for military service, while Ukraine has only 15,617,193. Russia has 1,280,887 combat-ready men and women ready to go to battle. Ukraine has only 481,201. Russia has 850,000 combatants while Ukraine has only 200,000. But Ukraine has the massive support of the US, the NATO member nations, and the EU. Russia is now the world's worst bully derided by the international community of nations.

Russia's paramilitary force has 250,000 well-trained reserve combatants. Ukraine has only about 50,000. Russia's annual military and defense budget is a staggering $154 billion, the third largest in the whole world, while Ukraine only $11.87 billion, twentieth globally. In terms of financial resources, Russia has a foreign reserve of $432.7 billion, the sixth biggest in the world, while Ukraine has only $18.81 billion at number 59. Russia has a purchasing power of $3.875 trillion while Ukraine has a small $515 billion. Russia has 4,173 warplanes, the second biggest air force in the world, while Ukraine has only 318. There are 1,543 Russian assault choppers, while Ukraine has only 112 defensive helicopters.

Russia is waging a war of aggression to annex a sovereign nation by force. Ukraine is fighting a moral war to defend the homeland of people who believe in democracy and reject Vladimir Putin's aristocracy and terroristic bullying tactics. Russia is the world's number one in number of war tanks at 12,420 while Ukraine has only 2,596. However, Ukraine army destroyed many Russian tanks and more are abandoned by Russian troops who fled from Ukrainian counterattacks. Russia has 30,127 armored vehicles, third in size globally. Ukraine has only 12,303.

Russia also ranks first in the number of self-propelled artillery with 6,574 while Ukraine has only 1,067. Russia is also number one in towed artillery, with 7,571 while Ukraine has only 2,040. But the Ukrainian warriors have high morale while Putin's forces are largely demoralized and lack passion to fight. Russia is also number one in number of mobile rocket projectors with 3,391 while Ukraine has only 490. Russia has a naval fleet of 605 while Ukraine has only 38. Russia has one aircraft carrier, Ukraine has zero. Russia has 70 submarines, Ukraine has zero. Russia has 15 destroyers, Ukraine has zero. Russia has 11 frigates, Ukraine has one. Russia has 86 corvettes, Ukraine has one.

The forces of might are won overwhelmingly by Russia, but the forces of right are clearly and overwhelmingly for Ukraine. The Philippines cannot stand neutral when the evil forces attack the forces of rectitude and freedom. Evil can triumph only when good men and good nations do nothing. We should stand firm and unrelenting on the side of Ukraine.


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