Fine but not so fine
TO THE QUICK - Jerry Tundag (The Freeman) - November 20, 2019 - 12:00am

Leni Robredo got the job as drug czar by being talkative. Now she should stop talking and start working. Another thing. What she is embarked on is not a PR gimmick. This time it is for real. The drug problem is not just a health or law and order problem. More importantly, it is a national security problem. Drugs pose a real threat to national life. It is not about state secrets. It is about descent into hell.

I have always believed the easily-piqued President Duterte just got hit in the right place by Veep Leni. Otherwise, there is nothing in both heaven and hell that would compel any fool to give her such a sensitive and dangerous job. I flatly do not think she can do the job. But now she has it. Either we support her or not.

Not supporting her is a sure drawback in the drug war. It is like not betting on lotto. Not betting on lotto gives you no chance in hell of winning. Betting on lotto at least gives you a fifty-fifty chance. Either you win or you lose. And I can live with that. So let us support her, at least as far as she is able to take this war to the enemy.

I can understand why many do not want to support her. They see Leni as living in an unrealistic world. They think Leni has not seen the problem for what it really is. And I think they are right. And all the more they should support her, help her see the light. For I do not think she will be far from where Duterte stands when she finally gets it.

Right now, the main thrust of Leni seems to be consulting and networking, sort of learning as she goes. Normally, I do not like really tough jobs reduced to being an OJT period for trainees. But as I said, there she is. Either we support her or we don't. Me, I would rather take the challenge and give her the chance.

Right now I agree and disagree with what she has planned so far. I agree, or at least see nothing wrong, with her plan to consult with as many countries as she can to perchance borrow their best practices in fighting illegal drugs. In fact, these consultations should dwell more on ways to stem the tide of supplies. Cut the source and the problem becomes a more manageable domestic crackdown on drug lords, pushers, and users.

What I disagree with and find truly ridiculous is her plan to meet with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines to perchance get it on board her plan to revive a drug program initiated by her late husband. For God's sake, we are faced with a yawning tunnel ready to swallow us whole all the way to hell, and Leni still waxes romantic with nostalgic memories of a lost husband.

To me that is a lot if gooey crap. Let go, Leni. Your job does not entail storylines for the movies. Besides, why involve an old boys’ club that is only good in criticizing but has no proven track record in accomplishing anything real in the name of salvation. Why, the CBCP does not even verify its sources of donation, some of it probably drug money coming from unclean sources.

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