Father, forgive the politicians for they never stop fooling us

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus Jimenez (The Freeman) - April 15, 2019 - 12:00am

Father, whilst you forgive those who do not know what they are doing, we also entrust unto thine hands the souls of the politicians who keep on fooling the people, and they very well know what they do. We also beseech you, Father, to look at your people with mercy and compassion because, despite having been fooled, hoodwinked, and betrayed many times and all the time, every campaign period, they still persist in their faith on those political scribes and Pharisees. We lift up to you the people, your people who entrust their fates and future to trapos who have no shade of intent to fulfill their grandiose and glowing promises.

Father, forgive those traditional politicians who promise the heavens, the stars, and paradise to the thieves and the robbers with whom they find affinity and alliance in raiding the coffers of the land through multiple schemes and machinations, to the great damage and prejudice to the nation and to the people. Forgive the Pontius Pilates among our Cabinet members who wash their hands vis-a-vis the many controversies, shenanigans, and anomalies under their watch. Forgive the many Judas Iscariots who “sell” our sovereignty and our islands to the foreigners who intend to rob us of our dignity and honor as a people.

Father, forgive the many Dimases and Estases in government and in society who keep on robbing us of billions via ghost projects and ghost employees, rigged public biddings, kickbacks, and bribe money offered by contractors and suppliers. Forgive the many Simon Peters who, because of fear and cowardice, choose to deny the truth or allow evil to triumph by their mysterious silence and inaction. Forgive the many doubting Thomases who refuse to believe in the truth unless they can see, smell, and touch the evidence.

Father, also forgive some of the misguided priests and bishops (the majority have remained faithful to their calling) who use the pulpit to practice electioneering. They use the gospel and slant them to attack the state when in their own houses, they also keep many skeletons in their closets. They have their own biases and prejudices and they do not bother to check their facts. They persecute the state officials without a conscientious and objective attempt to search for the truth. They are the modern Caiaphases and Annases who condemn before they hear. They are the scribes and the Pharisees who are self-righteous and quick to judge and condemn the sinners, when they themselves are not without sins.

But most of all, Father, forgive the politicians because today, the season of lent, this Holy week is only four weeks away from election day. The season of betrayals and deceptions come in tandem with the season of Lent. It is the time when the devil walks behind us on our way to Jesus, to hold us back and stab us like Brutus did to Caesar, like Judas did to Jesus. Forgive them, Father, for they very well know their evil designs and deeds.

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