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ESSENCE - Ligaya Rabago-Visaya (The Freeman) - March 28, 2019 - 12:00am

Time and again Filipinos are happy people. Is it a sign that we have resigned to the daily unsolved struggles in life that despite what we do, change is still elusive, and that we just have to contend with harsh realities?

The United Nations' annual World Happiness Report this year has ranked Philippines the 69th happiest country in the world, two notches higher versus last year's 71st finish. 

Are we are really happy? What are the things that make us feel upbeat? When was the last time we sensed that we were at the top of the world?

These inquiries may sound somewhat silly, however aren't these the most imperative questions that everybody ought to introspect now and again. How about we escape from our bustling timetables and pause for a minute to contemplate on the most trivial topic of our happiness and well-being.

There isn't any reasonable definition to happiness as it can shift from individual to individual and furthermore with the adjustment in circumstances. In any case, when we take a gander at the more extensive perspective, we'll see that the science to happiness lies in our capacity to build up a solid association with others and in accomplishing what we want.

In life, we might have come across people who are always ready with an alibi to justify why they were not able to get what they wanted and then there are those who never complain about their hardships.

And so what then makes people with same capabilities happy and successful on one side and unhappy and unsuccessful on the other? The answer lies on the premise that we ought to acknowledge both the light and the dark sides of life, turning our attention towards some interesting and practical ways that can be actually incorporated in our lives to stay happy.

Beginning with the simplest way to boost our happiness meter, and that is staying in good weather for just twenty minutes every day. We might be surprised after reading this, but simply staying in good weather can be a serious booster in our positive mood.

Exercising and eating right additionally play critical roles in raising the happiness quotient. Incalculable investigations demonstrate that physically active individuals have a much lower danger of anxiety and depression. Having a good night sleep by getting a relaxed and peaceful sleep of 6-8 hours every day can really work wonders in calming our mind.

On a higher note, happiness can be derived from three strands: pleasure, reason and pride. In spite of the fact that at first look they may appear to be very unique in relation to each other, we often find them plaited together in the lives of the world's happiest people. For one, an individual appreciates life from minute to minute, laughing in the organization of individuals he enjoys. Second, an individual who is living out of values and passions in the service of a more noteworthy reason, an idea that genuine satisfaction comes only from a life of meaning. The third one is the point at which one is happy with the achievements and positions in life.

Happy people figure out how to weave pleasure, reason and pride into a flexible form of well-being. They pursue the enthusiasm of their heart with enthusiasm, yet not to the detriment of joy and laughter. They take pride on what they are doing or have achieved. What's more, they're ready to do this, by and large, on the grounds that the nations—their nations, networks, neighborhoods give the truly necessary lift, continually nudging them into practices that support long haul well-being.


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