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There he blows again! The latest caper that came from the mouth of President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte made Cable Network News (CNN) headlines, “Philippine Pres. Duterte likens himself to Hitler.” Then there is also a CNN report that quoted Pentagon Chief Ashton Carter last Saturday criticizing Pres. Duterte’s remarks when he said, “Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now there are three million drug addicts in the Philippines, I’d be happy to slaughter them.” Carter said that these remarks were “deeply troubling.”

But if you read between the lines, did Ashton Carter make that remark because he thought that Pres. Duterte likened himself to Hitler or was he really reacting to the call by Digong who vowed that after the last joint war games with the US, it would be the last we would be doing with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the US military? 

Of course since he blurted this statement last Friday, it gave me a lot of time to think what is going on. In the end, after reading the various commentaries in the social media, we learned that once again, the media has maliciously cut and spliced portions of Duterte’s speech to make it sound like he was drawing a comparison to him and Adolf Hitler. When he blurted his cuss remarks, media was lost in translation. But this time, it is a deliberate misquote! I have no doubt that there is a conspiracy to look for faults in Duterte and paint him with a bad light.

But just the same, I would like to say this that it is high time for Duterte to put a pause button on his mouth and stop giving the conspirators fuel to sell their news reports and newspapers. After all, Duterte is hot copy even to the international press. He should refrain from making unnecessary remarks that will only be used against him.

When Duterte said that he heard that the CIA was out to get him, such remarks makes us worry that it could be true, more so that the US isn’t happy with Duterte’s remarks on stopping joint patrols and military exercises with the US. But in all candor, Duterte had the right idea, when we have a joint military exercise with the US military. It just makes me wonder how we can even stand up to the US. In terms of military aircraft, we have only a few to count on and as far as the Navy is concerned, you can count with your right hand the number of ships we can send to those joint exercises. I would really like to know how could the AFP learn from those lopsided joint military exercises?

In the meantime, my fellow Philippine Star columnist, Carmen “Chit” Pedrosa wrote a piece last Saturday. Allow me to reprint this portion because it is truly revealing not just interesting:

“This article in the Guardian should be read by all whether pro or anti-Dutertista. It explains how the human rights movement is being used as a tool of Western imperialism. Stephen Kinzer wrote the book “Overthrow” in 2006. In it, he exposed the human rights movement as more of a story of America’s century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq.

Now he writes human rights movement ”should be reexamined.” Kinzer was one of the most active in the movement but left it when he saw the hidden motive of some of those who propagated it. Or of ignorant followers. This is relevant to Filipinos today aching for a better life and besieged by crime, graft and a run-away drug problem. They voted for a landslide victory against all odds for strongman Rodrigo Roa Duterte. But he warns Duterte’s victory is imperiled by the recent appointment of James Hoge, as board chairman of Human Rights Watch thanks to a $100 million grant from George Soros the patron of CIA causes. It is ominous that an eminent foreign policy expert has been made the head of the Human Rights Watch.”

With this article, you now have a very clear idea why Duterte’s war against illegal drugs is abhorred by the international human rights organization. Let me say it here loud and clear, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and Aleppo is the perfect place to ask. What happened to the human rights violations there? Blame Russia or the US?


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