More narco politicians will shock us all

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez - The Freeman

My little birdie in the Palace whispered to me that the names of more Mayors who are allegedly involved in drugs will make us all fall from our chairs.Once the president reveals their names, we shall all be shocked and bewildered at how these honorable men and women got themselves entangled as drug users, drug distributors, and drug syndicate protectors.

Many of them won their election or reelection using "narco" money in supposedly buying votes, allegedly bribing election officials, buying arms and ammunition with which to terrorize voters, and funding their campaign with "shabu" money.

The list is supposed to include politicians coming from wealthy, powerful, and well-connected political family dynasties. Some of these alleged dirty "trapos" are being respected, admired, and envied so much in their respective cities and municipalities and are being held in awe and admiration by society and the whole nation. The future announcement shall most probably shatter what used to be the good names, the honor, reputation, and prestige of these politicians and their loved ones. I pity and feel very bad for their loved ones, especially the innocent children. I'm sorry to hear that the list supposedly includes Cebuanos.

The list according to this birdie whose whispers to me always proved accurate so far does include some Cebuanos, Boholanos, Negrenses, Panayenos, (especially Iloilo) Leytenos, and Samarenos. Not to forget that most of those in the list are from Luzon, including Metro Manila, and a good number coming from Mindanao, from the Caraga region to Basuta (Basilan, Sulu, and TawiTawi). The drug syndicates are like a school of octopus, with hundreds of intertwining tentacles. A lot of local executives are either victims or perpetrators.

There are many Filipinos, this writer included, who fear so much that some of the entries in the said list may not be accurate, that they might have been planted by political enemies or business and romantic rivals, to destroy the good names of honorable and upright men and women.

But, the lawyer in me and my persona as a former government official myself, tells me that the president would not embarrass himself with some expose that might fall flat on his face. He has full and total access to all intelligence reports from the military, and he has all the means to authenticate the Palace records and documents.

What matters most is that in our legal system, the acts, decisions, and pronouncements of the president, just like all public officials, do enjoy the presumption of regularity.  

And anybody who contradicts the president shall bear the burden of proving his allegation. The President is the commander-in-chief of all armed forces. He has full command and control over all military intelligence operations. He also controls the DILG which has jurisdiction over the Philippine National Police.

Thus, it stands to reason that the days of prestige and fame will soon be over to many of the mayors. I am truly sad and sorry for you, Your Honors. But the truth is what matters most.


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