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TO THE QUICK - Jerry Tundag (The Freeman) - June 29, 2016 - 12:00am

Local skateboarders launched a signature campaign last June 21, World Go Skateboarding Day, to ask the Cebu City government to designate a park where they can do their thing. The commemorative day for skateboarding used to coincide with Father's Day, according to Wikipedia, but apparently many of the fathers in the world no longer skate. Still, with every young skateboard enthusiast signing, the campaign naturally attracted official attention.

According to reports, incoming mayor Tomas Osmeña assured the skateboarders they will soon get their wish. Great. Better the skateboarders confined to a park than have them on the streets. But Osmeña has a problem. Other enthusiasts, inspired by the success of the skateboarders, might start demanding their own place in the Cebu sun. By giving in to the skateboarders, Osmeña just might have opened his own Pandora's box.

To prepare Osmeña for what could be a deluge of enthusiasm under his watch, here are a few things he might be on the lookout for. There is a World Laughter Day on the first Sunday of May. Who knows but laughing enthusiasts might ask Osmeña to declare a 30-minute laughter break at City Hall on that day. Or declare a "laugh until you utot day" at Fuente. The possibilities are always endless with enthusiasts.

There is also World Hug Day. On that day, Osmeña may ask the city council to institute a hugging break at the legislature, long the center of legislative animosity hewing to political party lines. An interesting thought - will the mayor allow Michael Rama to hug him, or could he ever hug a Michael Rama? Anyway, the two commemorative days so far mentioned were just samples of what might be in store.

There is World Propose Day on February 8. Happily married, with a son and a grandchild, proposing is already out of the question for Osmeña. So what he cannot enjoy himself might be out of the question. But there is World Radio Day on February 13. Maybe Osmeña can give a listen one morning to Bobby Nalzaro on that day. Call him up maybe just to say hi. Then there is World Thinking Day on February 22. Best to pass up that one. Nothing ever gets done by thinking.

For March there is a Self-injury Awareness Day on March 1. Osmeña might want to declare a liquor ban on that day to spare some of his dear friends from hurting themselves. There is also a World Sleep Day on March 18. The mayor might want to check on city hall offices on this day to see if his employees are not taking this day too enthusiastically.

April 1 is, of course, April Fools Day. No need for Osmeña to do anything. There is a day of silence on April 15. Unless he wants his employees at city hall to go nuts, Osmeña should steer clear of this day. Silence is not conducive to work getting done in a government building. Then there is the International Louie Louie Day for those who want to hear that maddening song over and over. Don't you dare, mayor.

May 1 is International Workers Day, or Labor Day to us here in the Philippines. This could be a day to give JOs or job order characters (they are not employees in the eyes of our civil service) an official day off, so they do not get to earn any pay, as usual. There is an International No Diet Day on May 6. Osmeña should have this moved to May 8, feast day in Mandaue. For World Turtle Day (May 23), Osmeña might want Cebuanos to go visit Pasil.

World UFO Day on July 2 is a day Osmeña may want husbands who go home dead drunk late to be spared being greeted by flying objects that may not necessarily be all extraterrestrial. For World Population Day on July 11, Osmeña may want the same husbands to go home earlier than usual to their waiting wives. And they must be dead sober or else might as well be UFO Day all over again.

The first Friday of August is International Beer Day. A truce should be declared on the one day of the year that Osmeña and Nalzaro can see eye to eye. As for International Youth Day on August 12, Osmeña should declare a halt to any payout of financial assistance to senior citizens. Osmeña should declare World Mosquito Day on August 20 to be observed everyday.

There are still so many other special days that can fit into this space. Osmeña might just want to Google the rest of them. But as a parting shot, there is a World Talk Like A Pirate Day which happens everyday actually among politicians. There is a Global Handwashing Day where no one admits anything. Then here is the favorite of many – World Intersex Awareness Day.


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