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VERBAL VARIETY - Annie Fe Perez - The Freeman

So now we have move past the different activities that Cebu has prepared for the past months. It has been a grueling week dealing with visitors, traffic, and activities but we managed to put it off so well. It goes to show that Cebuanos is ready for a world event, despite the many criticisms that have come across. In life, we really can't please everybody. I could say we all deserve a pat on the back for job well done for cooperating to the different rules and set-ups for the past days.

The direction has now changed. From two big religious and cultural events, we shift our attention to what could be shaped the next generation for the next six years - the elections. It has been a blessing that there were no politicians who tried to grab the limelight from the Cebuano's talent during the events. Well, except for one who was alleged to be booed from the crowd but that's past history.

We all have our roles to play, just like how we did during the Sinulog and 51st International Eucharistic Congress. As Filipinos, it is very crucial that we participate in the different programs laid out for us so we may know who we are placing to public office. But, we also must be wary of people who will use us to our advantage. Envelopes containing cash and other freebies will be imminent. They will be appealing and our ethics will be questioned. What matters most is how we stand firm to what we believe in.

If there is one wish I could make for the elections, it would be a total eradication of the traditional ways in the way we chose our candidates. Gone are the days of judgment based on TV advertisements, and speeches. I think it is time for us, Filipinos, to go beyond what we could see. Now is the right time to comprehend - what are their stands? Opinion? Apart from plans and projects, let us all be realistic. How much do they know?

I think we deserve better than what we are having now. We do not work hard for our taxes to go the wrong places. Our effort should equate to a leader who has the burden for the country. We are months away from this dreadful day and there are a lot going on already.                Antagonists will try to attack their competitors and we will be the witness of it all. At the end of the day, it is always our judgment that matters. Our judgment which needs sound research and meditation will matter.

We will remember the days when we made history; those moments when our people and many others from different parts of the world flooded the big streets with candles on their hands, and a prayer beneath it all. Our name will be one for the books in the next four years to come. Who knows, we might also be the standard to the others.     

Just by that, we need to strengthen who we are, know our identity. We need leaders who could do that and could fix a generation for at least the next six years.

History has inspired many who are not from our place and I couldn't be any happier. We close our stories of the past month with a foot forward to what lies ahead. I'm excited as the rest of us are. If only we could give much value on the opportunity for us to choose our next set of leaders. By the months will roll, all this will be a cliché. Yet, I believe that the months before the election will be a time for us to reflect and rethink our goals in life if those include our country in it.













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