Enjoy doggy heaven, Cutie!

PERSPECTIVE - Cherry Piquero Ballescas (The Freeman) - November 13, 2015 - 9:00am

Today's article is for all those who have experienced and who continue to experience loving their dogs/pets and being loved in return.

Friday, 3:23 p.m., November 6, our daughter Aiko wrote on FB: " nanghihina na c cutie sana maabutan pa namin mamaya pero sabi din kasi ng vet daw noong Sunday na matanda na daw talaga cya."

She wrote again at 4:32, "wla na c cutie pls."

Aiko was not able to see Cutie breathe her last but Yaya Ronnie assured us all that Cutie had a very peaceful exit. She went to her usual place "sa hagdanan, inghigda, mura ra og natulog." She never woke up again in this world but we know she is happily romping around in doggy heaven with Bazaar, our faithful, intelligent dog who left ahead years ago.

Our son, Karlo, posted Cutie's lovely picture on FB and wrote this touching piece. "Para sa pinaka-reyna sa balay: too bad we couldn't give you the last bone or your favorite portion of meat. we will definitely miss your barks (i.e. nagpapapansin every meal time), or even rubbing your fluffy hair whenever you lay flat on the floor. Enjoy doggy heaven, cute2x and regards ni bazaar. huhuhu :”

Hubby Orly shared this as well: "When cutie was six months old, she was given to us by a Korean neighbor who had to transfer residence, and from then our home became her "forever home," making our days lighter with her presence as well as with her antics. She was the guardian of our two children when they were growing up and would happily meet them at the door whenever they come home from school. Jealous as she was, she would never allow anybody, even the friends of our daughter Aiko, to lay on her bed without HER permission. She was a constant companion of Yaya Ronnie and both of them were inseparable. She was simply THE PRINCESS OF THE HOUSE."

I joined in and wrote: "no words enough to capture how we feel about you now that you have moved on, Cutie. We know you will be with us always, just like bazaar. Thank you for being part of our family. Thank you for the joy you have given us, especially Yaya, AIko and Karlo and Papa. As Karlo wrote, may you enjoy to continue to reign forever as a princess from here on."

Orly added: "Cutie will always remember Karlo who used to consider her as part of a carpet whenever she lay flat on her belly. We used to playfully mop the floor with her belly as she looked like a small carpet spread at the center of our small living room."

Flashback: Cutie caught everyone's attention whenever she was left outside by our Korean neighbors. She would bark and bark and bark noisily. A very beautiful Shitzu, she moved regally like she was the most beautiful creature on earth, hence, we called her Princess, Cleopatra, Reyna.

Even when she aged, even when her fluffy hair started to fall off, even when eyes started to get weaker, we all agreed we will let her continue to feel loved, to honor her by continuing to treat her as our most beautiful reyna of our home. It was the least we could do to someone like Cutie who gave us all so much joy and delight through her days with us.

November 9, friend Adela Kono, another dog lover, posted on FB these words that fully captured our tribute to Cutie. Allow us to share those words with some personal changes: "To our dog Cutie, we will never move and not take you with us, we will never put you in a shelter and leave, we will never let you starve, we will never let you hurt. WE WILL NEVER DESERT YOU WHEN YOU GROW OLD nor will leave you when you go blind. If that time comes, we will be there to hold you because we love you & you are FAMILY."

Thank you, Cutie. We know you will always be with us and you are always with us, in our hearts.



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