Oratio imperata against nuisance politicians

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty Josephus Jimenez - The Freeman

Almighty Father we beseech your mercy and compassion to save our country and people from the many incompetent, overly ambitious, corrupt, scheming, and self-righteous politicians, who are now starting to descend from many suspicious origins upon our defenseless humanity. Save us from those who are poised to ascend to the presidency, with nothing to justify their insatiable ambitions, but a delusion to some instant calling from the heavens that imbue them with a mysterious tinge of messianic complex. These vexatious breed of political animals seem to be suffering from some delusion of grandeur that we are the lost sheep that are badly needing a good shepherd. Lord, save us from such monstrosities.

Deliver us from those who seek to liberate us from our current oppressions only to lead us into the long and crooked path to even more sufferings. Grant us the wisdom to unmask these latest versions of the scribes and Pharisees who pretend to bring us to some promised land, where the land might not have promised at all. Save us from these trapos who have had a long and winded track record of excellence in the art and science of plunder, and in the mechanics of deception and self-righteousness. Save us also, Father, from the pure and immaculate candidates who have clean records only because in their tenure of public service, they have done absolutely nothing.

Our Heavenly Father, save us from the fires of hell, to which direction many of today's politicians are tempting us to venture into. Shield us from the importuning of the many Pharisees and teachers of the law, whose daily lives completely contradict the gospel that they are projecting to spread. Protect us from the evil designs of those who pontificate on distributing the promised land of their father Abraham, but whose actions and decisions are the complete antithesis of genuine agrarian reform. Shield your sons and daughters from machinations of the evil one whose talk is always on integrity but whose walk is not really along the straight and narrow path. Cover us with your Holy Blood so that we shall never drink from the cup of the devious and the corrupt.

Lord, save us from politicians who are the resurrections of Judas, the betrayer, of Peter who denies His Master, of doubting Thomases, of unforgiving tax collectors, and of Pontius Pilates who wash their hands from accountability. Watch over us because there are many politicians in our midst who are like Caiphas and Anas, and King Herod who murders the innocents. Save us from wolves who are clothed like sheep and lambs. Deliver us from those who are like tombs and sepulchers, immaculate, white and pure in their outside appearances. But inside, they are nothing but a catacomb of stench and decay. Arm us with the weapons of wisdom and understanding, of courage and courage to do according to your will.

Allow us, Father, to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's. Allow us to fight political evil by doing what is truly good. It's because we cannot serve a political Mamon and God together. We are bound to love one and hate the other. Send us a true servant leader, like David who shall slay the oppressor Goliath who has long deceived us and exploited us. Send us a leader like Abraham, and Moses, and like Jesus, your only Son and our Master and Lord. Give us the firmness and strength to resist the seductions of false prophets. Imbue us with enough sense of wisdom to discern who, among the candidates, are the faithful stewards of our political destiny. And forgive the politicians because they fully know what they are doing.

Father, unto thine hands, we commend our political destiny. Forgive the politicians because like prodigal sons, they know exactly what they are doing. What matters most to us, Lord is that, amidst all the aberrations, the excesses and the political monstrosities. You are there to deliver us from evil politicians, and to lead us not into political temptations. Amen.












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