Declaring total war against narco politics

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (The Freeman) - August 28, 2015 - 10:00am

Any candidate for next year's elections who does not take a very strong, explicit, and unequivocal stand against drugs should be rejected totally and uncompromisingly by the electorate, either because he or she is too naive as not to discern the grave and far-reaching implications of such an endemic malady, or, and this is worse, he or she is either funded by narcotics money or is the drug lord himself or herself. If the candidate is naive, then we do not need another incompetent political leader. If he is involved, then he should be exposed as the enemy of the people.

Next year, my bold and daring prognosis is that billions of drug money will inundate the political landscape and thousands of politicians will run their campaign using the dirty money of scoundrels in the drug trade. These politicians will have to return the favor by closing their eyes to the hefty drug trafficking, pushing and use in the communities within their respective political jurisdictions. In return of narco money, the politicians in the payroll of the drug lords will even have to protect and cuddle these narco rascals who are dressed like honorable men and respectable socialites, hobnobbing with the high and the mighty in social functions.

Narco politics is the latest form of what Dr Jose Rizal predicted a century ago, to be this millennium's social cancer, of so malignant a character that the slightest touch irritates the very core of human society's being. It is like one malignancy feeding on the other. Traditional politics, which largely based on human greed and the highly condemnable drug trade which is secondary to this generation's perversity and excessive hedonism. This nation, we are very sad to note,  is now on the verge of another Sodom and Gomorrah, with unrestrained immorality and sexual licentiousness, exacerbated by drugs, alcoholism, crimes, and lust.

And not unlike the times of Rizal, the Church represented by modern Padre Damasos and Padre Salvis are not only mysteriously silent in the midst of too much greed in drugs and politics. Many of them are unwittingly supporting or, at the very least, are being supported by such scalawags in narco politics. I have seen and met far too many good priests like Father Florentino who remain faithful to their calling. But these kind of pastors are now diminishing and are being marginalized by the high priests in the temples. We feel very bad that these moral leaders could have done so much and yet opt to remain uncaring, either for fear or for favors.

What we need today is a Simoun or an Elias, even a Crisostomo Ibarra who will stand up against the powers of narco politicians. These are the times that we need true and honest men and women, and brave ones too, like the late Jesse Robredo and the late Ninoy Aquino who are "willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause." We need men like Rodrigo Duterte who will put his neck on the table in his relentless and never-say-die crusade against drugs in Davao. We need men like the late Cesar Climaco of Zamboanga. Narco politics is a very dangerous enemy. Fighting this malady may cost us our life.

Any candidate who says nothing against narco politics is either afraid, ignorant or is one of our enemies. All of them should be rejected. If there are no courageous candidate who shall oppose them and give us an alternative, then we should stay home on elections day. If there are no good choices, we should never vote for the bad, much less for the guilty. And we should not adorn their naked perversity with the dignity of our vote. Let us unmask them, expose their pretensions and kick them out by the democratic process of a clean, honest and authentic election.



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