On the “iPhone X”
THE TECH CIRCUIT - Yasunari Ramon Suarez Taguchi (The Freeman) - September 19, 2017 - 4:00pm

Following the unveiling of the “iPhone X” last week, netizens and tech pundits were quick to post commentaries about the device.

Presented with the “iPhone 8,” “iPhone 8 Plus,” and “Apple Watch 3,” the device is the commemorative model that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year, which now does away with the iconic “Home Button” for a mostly all-display front.

Following are some online comments and concerns dipping into the potential “hits” and probable “misses” the device may incur as it swings the bat.

Facial recognition in lieu of a fingerprint reader – One of the “iPhone X’s” new features is support for facial recognition protocols – a system which allows the device to “identify” its owner by “sight.”

Basically, the feature takes the place of the Home Button fingerprint reader as a security system that can unlock the phone or access online accounts without having to key in username-password combos or a PIN.

Given that the phone’s facial recognition system frontlines its security features, concerns pertaining to hacking or unlocking it in certain conditions (like wearing sunglasses while using it) have been brought up.

Though there are rumors purporting that Apple has made safeguards against hacking and workarounds for its use in certain conditions, the question as to just how practical facial recognition is in “real life” scenarios won’t be resolved until the first batch of “iPhone X” owners will have their say on its practical use.

Portrait mode photography – Given that smartphones have become the preferred device for snapshots these days, queries on the “iPhone X’s” camera capabilities have been raised.

Comparisons based on technical specifications of the model and smartphones by other brands have been made in this regard – mostly pitting the “iPhone X” against Samsung’s “Galaxy Note 8” model.

The comparisons point out that both units draw a tie between main camera shooting, citing that both highlight support for optical image stabilization or OIS. OIS implementation means that the units can take good shots in low light conditions and can record videos with the least amount of shaking.

Both units also come with a main camera “portrait mode” function, which is essentially a shooting mode wherein the bokeh background effect in a portrait photo is made more nuanced.

However, Apple fans are citing that the “iPhone X” has an edge over the “Galaxy Note 8” since it’s portrait mode includes its front-facing camera and not just its main or back camera. They are asserting that selfies taken with the “iPhone X” are likely going to be more dramatic than the “Galaxy Note 8”.

Again, the matter as to which unit is better at taking selfies won’t be resolved until “iPhone X” owners will have their say.

On augmented reality and virtual reality – Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have become buzzwords in the mobile devices segment of late – emerging technologies that immerse electronic consumers in more engaging ways of content consumption and interaction.

AR essentially entails laying virtual elements over real world scenes, examples of which would entail real-time star chart mapping/viewing or playing games that integrate AR elements.

Comparisons between the “iPhone X” and Samsung’s “Galaxy Note 8” have been made in terms of AR and VR support, and most are convinced that the “iPhone X” would most likely bolster Apple’s AR platform.

This conclusion stems from Samsung’s “early lead” in the VR segment in its “Gear VR” line, but this doesn’t mean that the “iPhone X” won’t come with support for VR.

Again, conclusions on how well the “iPhone X” fairs in its AR and VR offerings can’t be drawn until the device is made available by the last quarter of 2017.

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