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Choosing the Right Perfume

Jonathan Pitts - The Freeman

CEBU, Philippines - Perfumes are made from essential oil mixtures. It is developed by mixing different kinds of compounds to produce a sweet smell. Perfumes are used to provide long-lasting fresh and sweet scent.

What can be pleasant to your taste may not be pleasant to others. Some wants a strong smell while others hate it. It is important to follow simple guidelines when choosing and applying perfumes, in order to avoid intimidating others.

Here are a few easy steps to follow in choosing the right perfume:

.               The right fragrance for you. This is a very personal choice. But remember that you're wearing a perfume, because you want your personality and attire to be enhanced. You must find a fragrance that matches the natural aroma of your body. When buying a perfume, you need to try and spray a bit of it on different parts of your skin and must be sprayed far apart. It could be on the left arm and the other one on the right arm.


.               An advice on the different types of perfume. Consider buying the scent and the brand that matches your body tone. Never buy a perfume just because it is trendy or sold at a discount. Cool weather can affect the result of perfume with your body; you can apply stronger scent during this time. Do you know that your body tone can also affect the scent of the perfume when you applied it? Dry skin makes the scent of a perfume weak, so if you have a dry skin type, you should always consider wearing a stronger scent.


.               Warning when wearing perfumes. Do not spray the perfume directly to your jewelry as it may cause discoloration. Neither should you spray it directly to your clothes, it can also cause discoloration. Do not apply it behind the ear as it can also cause blending with your body scent.


.               Perfume after bath. Applying perfume after bath is the perfect time because the pores are open, the fragrance will easily penetrate into the skin for a long lasting result. Avoid applying deodorant together with perfume, they will not jive together unless they both have the same aroma and brand.


.               Perfume application.Spray perfume only on certain times in a day. In overdoing it, the nose will become used to the scent and will no longer be as sensitive to detect the scent, and you are likely to put on more than you actually need.


.               Applying only on certain areas.You can spray on your nape and shoulders. This especially works for intimate moments. You can put something natural or floral scent on your collar bone or on the lower back. This creates an inviting mood for your partner.


.               The weather factor.Apply a perfume to match with the weather outside. If it's a sunny day, you can apply something of sunflower fragrance or rose. Again, a stronger scent belongs on a sunny day. Always, a spicy perfume helps put you in a certain mood.


Those guidelines are there to help you out in choosing the right scent to blend with your body type, your personality, your mood and the obtaining weather. Everything counts, so you need to choose your perfume carefully if you want to always smell and feel good.(healthcare.com) (FREEMAN)


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