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How to invite the angel presence

A POINT OF AWARENESS - Preciosa S. Soliven -

(Part I)

In this Lenten season, we pause and reflect deeply on strengthening our relationship with God. From the timeline of our birth, He sent us invisible helpers — our guardian angels, to help enrich and strengthen our closeness to the Blessed Trinity.

Just before the New Millennium 2000, 12 years ago, about 21 books about angels were available at National Bookstore. Angel Answers – A Joyful Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth authored by Andrew Kramer, is a particular handbook, which will “transmute ourselves from fearful, limited, destructive beings into the radiant children of God that we are.” Kramer co-authored with Alma Daniela its companion book, Ask Your Angels: A Practical Guide to Working with the Messengers of Heaven to Empower and Enrich Your Life.

Today angels appear to ordinary persons

Anne Besant, the famous lecturer of Ancient Wisdom in the Theosophical Society stated: “At this period of human evolution, we are under the influence of a natural force, which works for cooperation between angelhood and humanity. It seeks to build bridges by which the two great races, human and angelic, may combine for their mutual good. These bridges are ceremonies, chiefly in religion…” Actually, upon birth, every person on earth has been assigned his special angels, not only one but several. However, not all have learned to tune in to his holy companions.

Geoffrey Hodson, a well-respected mystic and clairvoyant, wrote the book, The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, a scientific treatise on angels. On the preface of its fifth reprint in 1991, he recalls: “…in the woods of the small village of Sheepcombe in Gloucestershire in 1942, I was recording descriptions of the nature spirit life (gnomes, fairies, etc.), I suddenly found my consciousness changing, by which I beheld the great member of the Angelic Hosts who named himself to me as Bethelda.”

It was Bethelda who dictated to him five successive books, namely: The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, The Angelic Hosts, Be Ye Perfect, Man the Triune God, and the Supreme Splendor.

The essential steps for mankind to cross the bridge to the angelic kingdom

Following are messages, which Hodson received directly from the Heavenly Kingdom through Angel Bethelda.

Since the Great One has drawn so close to our world and to the world of the angels, it is of importance that the bridge between the two should be fashioned, that the time may be hastened when it may be used freely from either side.

The first essential on the side of men is a belief in their existence. To that end, more information about angels must be given, and presented in such a manner that it will be acceptable to the scientists as well as to the poet, the artist and the dreamer. In the scientific studies of men, as they are taken deeper into the super-physical realms, they should be ever observant of the place of angels in the manipulation and adjustment of nature’s forces.

The second essential is an increase in the number of human beings able to contact angels. Perhaps, the easiest means of approach will be found to be through the love of nature, which springs from a recognition of the presence of the Divine. From such an appreciation will arise naturally a realization of the sacred nature of all beauty, and a desire to draw near to the divinity within.

Men and women with extremely practical and controlled minds, possessing also capacities for idealism and positive imagination are ideal workers, in contrast to emotional or unbalanced individuals, who may not be safely brought into contact with the great force of angels. The former should seek for the initiation of schemes where human-angel cooperation is to be employed.

The third essential emphasizes that the true artist must first gain the necessary technique of the laboratory and the textbook. Then, forsaking these for a time, he must be allowed to meditate, preferably amid the beauties of nature.

The fourth essential comes the way of ceremony where divine ideas, words of power and precision of action are combined.

The magnetic field of angels at home, at work, etc.

For those persons or communities who want their work increased in spiritual value, range and power, learn to recognize the presence of angels and practice of cooperation with them, Angelic Host Bethelda provides the instruction on how to set up the angel center in office, community, hospital, school, and home.

The power would be greater and the angels’ presence more real if magnetized centers were provided in the home to include:

1. A single object of great beauty, mentally associated with the angels and with nature (like a statuette of a beautiful angel),

2. A bowl of flowers, freshly gathered everyday, and the use of incense,

3. The use of a short prayer or invocation each morning, and benediction of each evening,

4. Complete cleanliness, an atmosphere of utter purity, and the single motive of cooperation for mutual help are essential, and

5. Added to the simple ceremony might be an appropriate reference to the Founder of the religion of the house, and a prayer, perhaps, for His blessing upon both angels and men. (For example, Buddhist, Hindu, Iglesia Ni Kristo.)

Herewith Is The Invocation To The Guardian Angels Of The Home

Hail Guardian Angels of the Home!

Come to our aid,

Be with us that we may hear your wings.

Feel your breath upon your cheeks,

Come close and sense our human love,

Take our hands in yours,

Lift us for a while

From the burden of this flesh.

Help us to work and play

That the time may be brought near

When all our race

Shall know you well,

And hail your brother pilgrims

On the path to God.

(Part II: Photographing Angels By Appointment)












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