Whatever happened to ‘Gibo’?

CTALK - Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star) - December 16, 2020 - 12:00am

People always talk about #1 but never about #2 unless you’re “The Legal Wife” or you’re the Malacañang talking head constantly referring to #2 as a scapegoat. Yesterday, I saw a full-page photo of former presidential aspirant and former senator Manny Villar who was being honored as one of the “Heroes of philanthropy” and it made me wonder if “He” and not his wife Senator Cynthia Villar might be considering a re-run for the presidency in 2020.

Truth be told, there are a number of individuals who have hinted, daydreamed or are seriously considering a run for the presidency – or so I am told. Some of the names being floated or tossed like salad are Davao Mayor Sara Duterte, Senator Manny Pacquiao, Senator Cynthia Villar and maybe Tito Sotto and Ping Lacson. It is widely presumed that the opposition will field Vice President Leni Robredo, given her high visibility, thanks to the regular bashing done to her by Malacañang that her team has now learned to use to their advantage.

But, as I suggested, everyone loves to talk about Number 1 in any endeavor but never about Number 2, which is the vice presidency. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have not had a president die or become incapacitated in recent history. We’ve only had former president Joseph Estrada removed from office unceremoniously and replaced by then vice president Gloria Arroyo. Whichever side you were on in that event, it would be safe to assume that the change of leadership did not buy us peace and prosperity as many thought it would. We became a nation divided, too much political and economic interests were involved, and if Joseph Estrada did not have the support of the elite, VP Gloria Arroyo, on the other hand, was so beholden to so many of them and that political indebtedness in becoming president became a pool of bitterness and rancor for PGMA and her former allies.

So once again people are talking about 2022 presidential elections but not the vice presidential one. No one has even floated any name for a good VP, at least not until yesterday when someone asked “What about Number 2?” Yes, what about Number 2? Who would you consider a good candidate for vice president? It’s a tough question, considering finding a good presidential candidate is so difficult it feels like scraping the ground with your teeth. Do we simply pick from the same barrel of fish or do we follow the current practice of celebrities and movie stars who have started to find their partners outside their chosen profession – a non-celebrity or non-politician in this case?

While surfing Facebook, I noticed that my “Tito Buboy” continues to post quotations from “Gibo” a.k.a Atty. Gilbert Teodoro, who was once a bright shining star and presidential hopeful until the stars and his alliances totally misaligned. When I asked a few people, some said he was living a quiet life as a father or family man, others said much the same but located him in London. Being that far away made perfect sense if someone simply wanted to forget the madness and acrimony of Philippine politics.

So what about Gibo? Last we heard about him was his missed chance of becoming a Cabinet member of President Duterte. Before that, of course, was his failed attempt at the presidency. While many people might say he missed the boat on that one, hindsight teaches us that it may have been difficult for Gibo to accept Duterte’s offer to sit as a Cabinet secretary, “to be an Eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” As for the 2010 presidential elections, even Gibo will probably admit that his entry was tumultuous and haphazard and clearly not his time or destiny.

A friend suggested that maybe Gibo is like a bottle of wine whose time is still to come. To be referred to as wine is certainly a lot better than being one of the many political mushrooms currently trying to push through by way of daily feature in newspapers or selfies or being a photo bomber or through patronage politics.

Without a doubt, Gilbert Teodoro remains to have admirers, supporters and true friends in politics and private life. His list of accomplishments as well as his personality and practice of servant-leadership in private and public life is to be admired, since never has he been seen or heard to be offensive or divisive. The question is, would he be too proud to enter the arena as #2 or vice presidential candidate? I won’t make the suggestion, especially after knowing that he is thoroughly enjoying his family and private life, something that his parents Bert and Ditas (Cojuangco) Teodoro have personified.

There are, however, some people who believe that Gibo can contribute so much as vice president and make use of the opportunity to serve while he “aged” himself through office and public service towards the higher position in due time. As a lawyer, former secretary of defense and 3-time congressman, Gibo certainly has enough credentials and experience and becoming VP or #2 may not be a bad proposition while keeping your eye on the prize.

Of course, life is not just about getting the position, it is being prepared for the position and the responsibility. I have always maintained that leadership at such levels is GOD given, that is why we call it Destiny. You can work hard for it but you first begin by praying ABOUT it. Whether you are the servant or the leader, we are where GOD puts us for his purpose and how we are designed.

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