The real enemies of the state are...!
SHOOTING STRAIGHT - Bobit S. Avila () - March 14, 2006 - 12:00am
Last week, a good friend of mine who wished to remain anonymous dropped a bunch of documents, which came from the Headquarters of the Intelligence and Security Group of the Philippine Army. I thought that these documents should be classified and meant to be for my eyes only. But call me lucky that a few hours later, I was at the Mactan Airport waiting for my flight to Manila, when Defense Secretary Avelino "Nonong" Cruz suddenly arrived and we were able to sit down together for a short chit-chat before boarding our plane.

I took the opportunity to tell the defense chief that I had some documents, which I wanted him to validate if it came from military intelligence. He took a good look at them and confirmed that these documents were what the military intelligence had discovered. Of course, by now, most of these have already been out in the press... as they are the minutes of the preliminary talks between the representatives of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KAB).

These minutes were recovered from Lt. Lawrence San Juan (INF) of the 740th Combat Group when he was arrested right after their meeting. These documents were taken from flash disks, audio cassette recorders and diskettes that were found with Lt. San Juan, which reveals that indeed, there was some kind of collusion between the extreme left and the extreme right to oust the Arroyo Government. There were various meetings between the two groups and the last one was held on Feb.20, 2006, just four days before the Friday incident, which led to the declaration of a State of Emergency by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA).

I'm not going to reprint those documents, but let me tell you that it is almost like a movie script, where those who attended the meeting openly discussed their intentions and what options they got. Mind you, I got these documents barely a few days after the failed coup weekend attempt, hence no one can accuse Military Intelligence of manufacturing this script. I also do not believe that someone inside Military Intelligence have such a great talent as to make a script like it was for the movies, because he they had that talent, they should be working for Charo Santos in Star Cinema!

Clearly, this tells you that the real enemies of the State are both the CCP and the ultra rightist... Godless ideologues or soldiers with a messianic mission and of course the opposition who cannot wait for elections and would go all out to short cut our democratic process.

Finally, you can say that the Philippine government is waking up to the reality that it is fighting Communism on three fronts, as reported in the Philippine Star yesterday on page 8. How many columns have we made, virtually pointing out to Malacañang the reality on the ground that party-list congressmen have been using their Pork Barrels to fund the marches against the government. In fact, many non-leftist Congressmen also gave those leftist organizations funds coming from their own Pork Barrels for their own personal political reasons.

But because government has been inattentive to our calls, communism continues to taunt it even up to this day. The reality is... people who conspire to overthrow the government are not even arrested. A case in point is a report we read on page 11 in the Inquirer entitled, "NBI turns up heat on Time reporter" where the NBI has been "pressuring" Time Magazine correspondent Nelly Sindayen to shed light on her report, which we even reprinted here that Jose "Peping" Cojuangco and Council on Philippine Affairs secretary Pastor "Boy" Saycon allegedly plotted the last coup.

If I were the government... I would have arrested already those two; after all, they never denied the Time Magazine report, much less filed libel cases against Time? Why are we still being soft on those who plot against the government and show instability on our land? I guess that's because we have forgotten what the late Pres. Ramon Magsaysay once said... about fighting the communist insurgents... "Find them, Fool them, Fight them and Finish them... then offer them the hand of peace!"

To think Pres. Arroyo is the only President espousing a "Strong Republic" but in truth, we have become as weak as the Weimar Republic in the days prior to the takeover of Nazism. When government is weak, as it has become, then stronger forces would take over and that's exactly what the National Socialist Party (Nazi) of Adolf Hitler did to the Weimar Republic. The rest is history. But what about the Arroyo Government? Are they cracking down on subversives only now because it is convenient for them? I dare say: Let's destroy Communism at its very roots, and then we shall have peace!
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