Craving for new and exciting snacks at home? Make your own with premium canned tuna!

Check out these four Gold Seas Premium Tuna recipes that you can recreate and serve at home for golden experiences with your family. Tabuena

MANILA, Philippines — Being a foodie is like second nature to us Filipinos who are always constantly craving for new dishes to indulge in. Despite eased restrictions, you may still be anxious to dine out just yet.

Well, fret no more because enjoying good food at home is possible with easy-to-make yet flavorful and healthy snacks. All you’ll need is the help of Gold Seas that offers the taste of premium tuna in a can.

Check out these four Gold Seas Premium Tuna recipes that you can recreate and serve at home for golden experiences with your family:

1. Tuna egg scramble

When it comes to food, you know that your family prefer something they’re already familiar with. Scrambled egg is an example.

With this recipe, you can quickly prepare this well-loved egg dish and turn it into a delicious snack packed with the goodness of Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil with Chili. It also has potato cubes and cheese to make the dish even more filling.

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The secret is combining the ingredients well with the egg as you cook it slowly in low heat in the pan. Once cooked, cut and have everyone gather over this scrambled egg upgrade.

Watch the full recipe here.

2. Chunky tuna cheese casserole

Give kids an exciting afternoon merienda. Surprise them with a cheesy casserole packed with chunks of tuna and loads of penne pasta. The combination is a sure hit for the kids and also, the kids at heart.

It’s also easy to make. Just combine one 185g can of Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil, 200g cooked penne pasta and half a can of creamy mushroom soup. Transfer to a casserole, top with quick melt cheese, then pop in the oven. Serve hot and pair with a cold drink. Best enjoyed together.

Watch the full recipe here.

3. Tuna salpicao roll-ups

For a light snack, you can definitely try this tuna recipe without the fishy aftertaste. The key ingredient is Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Premium Flakes Salpicao flavor. Combine a can with chopped red onions, pickle relish, mayonnaise and mustard.

In a six-inch tortilla, lay 3 slices of cheese, place tuna mixture on top, then add some julienned cucumbers and bell peppers. Roll the tortilla, secure with chopsticks and then slice into three.

You can involve the kids in the kitchen when to make building this tuna tortilla dish. Then, you can all share together the finished product for a fun time in the kitchen.

Watch the full recipe here

4. Tuna salad with peach

Last but not the least is a refreshing tuna snack! It’s the perfect option for those who wants to perk up their day with a light brunch, or those who are counting their calories for their diets. Whatever it is, the Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Springwater provides enough source of protein and premium flavor.

This recipe is versatile since we have so many tropical fruits that you can substitute for the peach, such as mango and avocado.

Golden experiences with Gold Seas

Made from 100% yellowfin tuna, Gold Seas is the premium choice when you’re on the lookout for better food choices for your family.

Because yellowfin tuna is the premium tuna, Gold Seas gives a yummy taste without the fishy aftertaste! Moreover, you are guaranteed to enjoy real and pure tuna without extenders in Gold Seas so you can have all the Omega 3 and Protein health benefits.

All this makes Gold Seas Premium Tuna the perfect ingredient to recreate simple recipes for golden experiences.

Also notable is the fact that Gold Seas Premium Tuna is responsibly fished in partnership with fishing companies with sustainable practices—from operations to canning and even distribution. Plus, all Gold Seas Premium Tuna products are Halal-certified.

It is also proudly Philippine made by General Nutrifoods Philippines Inc., which is a subsidiary of RD Corporation, a fully integrated group of companies engaged in fishing, ship building and repair, manufacturing, exports and distribution and processing, among others.


Gold Seas Premium Tuna comes in an innovative packaging with an easy-open bottom lid. It is available in all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and online stores via Shopee and Lazada. — Video by Enrico Alonzo and Jazmin Tabuena

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