Medical athleisure: Pandemic brings rise to medical leisure clothing

Fashionable but functional: These medical frontliners' uniforms were designed to flatter all body types and genders.
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MANILA, Philippines — The global pandemic has shown us that the real-life modern heroes are our medical frontliners. These brave souls have been risking their own well-being to save lives.

White Coat Manila, a brand of scrub suits and medical coats in the country, recently asked some medical frontliners what moves them to keep going, despite the daily struggles.

Dr. Ging Zamora, Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, shared, “What moves me is faith that everything happens for a reason. Knowing that love knows no limits. For this given life, I make a difference no matter how small.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Kara Gozali, an opthalmologist, answered, “Whenever you're feeling tired or exhausted, as cliché as it may sound, remind yourself of why you started in the first place. Whenever my husband Mark and I talk about medical-related things, it doesn't feel like work, it brings stars to our eyes knowing this is what we've always wanted to do. Find something you're excited to wake up to even on your most toxic days. Remind yourself that there is nowhere else you'd rather be because where you are feels like home. On most days, we just need a little reminding of why we love what we do.” 

“Since I graduated from a government hospital, I saw how simple families would sell all their belongings, literally to the point of losing everything just to try to save a loved one or even just to buy more time to spend with them, That, I think, is an act of pure love. And that moves me. Serving the underserved, seeing genuine love. Helping not to always to cure, but to treat sometimes and comfort always,” Dr. Crystal Roxas, a dermatologist, revealed. 

“We want our medical professionals to know that we see them and that we feel them. Being a medical professional myself, I understand the challenges they go through on a personal level. We wanted to open the conversation on what inspires and motivates our superhero frontliners to continue to suit up and show up during this ongoing pandemic,” said Dr. Nikki Chan-Ongkingco, co-founder of White Coat Manila.

The brand's understanding of the needs of the medical frontliners is evident in their line of MoveTechscrub suits. Created to disrupt the antiquated medical wear clothing industry, MoveTech scrub suits are ultra lightweight, water-resistant, crease-resistant, anti-microbial Ruco-Bac-coated, and can four-way stretch, a far cry from the usual twill or cotton blended with polyester sets that are commonly available.

The ultra-lightweight property of MoveTech scrubs addresses the need for comfortable garments under layers of medical grade PPEs (personal protective equipment) sometimes worn for up to 72 hours. The water-resistant property comes in handy when liquids unintentionally spill, so the fronliners can continue with their work without the interruption of changing clothes. The crease-resistant property makes it possible to look fresh and presentable through a long shift. The anti-microbial Ruco-Bac-coating inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, algae, and other microorganisms that cause odor and fabric damage. So the coating is for odor protection as well as to increase the durability of the scrubs. The four-way stretch property provides total ease of movement much needed specially during surgery settings.

Best of all, the MoveTech scrubs were designed to flatter all body types and genders and are available in classic and trendy styles that one can even label them as "medical leisure clothing."

There are jogger pants and tops with different necklines. All designs have multiple functional pockets. The brand's products are 100% proudly Filipino-sewn. To see the full collection, visit 

“If we are able to give frontliners more comfort and joy by providing them with our MoveTech scrubs, we are doing our share in helping them while they work. We’d like our scrubs to be their partner in conquering their day,” Dr. Ongkingco enthused.

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