David Milan (The Philippine Star) - May 12, 2016 - 10:00am

MANILA, Philippines - What happens when two gal pals strictly LDR reunite for a three-day IRL island getaway? YStyle catches up with Insta-girls and longtime buddies Martine Cajucom and Olivia Lopez of as they talk about friendship, fashion, and more.

YStyle: How did the two of you meet? 

MARTINE: We began our cyber friendship back in the day. Think 2008/2009 early online community. 

OLIVIA: We met on, one of the first self-upload style site before blogging existed 

Who approached who first? 

M: I think we both mutually lurked on each other and met randomly at party in LA. We had a ton of common friends, but it’s still always a funny encounter meeting someone for the first time you know so well from their online presence.  

O: I think I stalked Martine first and was super stoked to see a well-dressed fellow Filipino girl on the site 

What was your first impression about each other?

M:  I’ve always loved Olivia’s personal style and photography.  It’s often imitated, but I can personally vouch for her individuality and consistency through the years.

O: Martine has a playful sense of style that’s quirky, effortless and cool. She’s always been ahead of the trends and I truly admire her eye

What’s the thing that made you instantly clicked together?

M:  Mutual interests (culture, photography, interiors and architecture, all things Los Angeles, not being phony).  We also share a similar childhood and career path in a way  -- we were both born in Manila and moved to Orange County around the same age -- then moved to LA to pursue our professional careers. I tend to instantly connect with women who are driven, aware and open-minded.

O: We share the same aesthetic appreciation for design but I think it’s her easy-going nature that ultimately made it click, as well as her sense of humor. Last time we hung out in LA we did a girls night at the Hollywood Cemetery where we spent the evening with our girlfriends quoting Clueless. Martine introduced me to the Stahl House five years ago and it launched my obsession with the Case Study Program, 

How did the two of you maintain this “online” friendship throughout the years?

M: It’s one comment or like away from maintaining our “online” friendship. We always share our favorites from each city and new must-see spots. 

O: The occasional lurk on FB and Instagram has helped significantly in keeping up with each other’s lives. 

6. For Martine: How did Olivia’s trip to the Philippines/Palawan came about? 

M: She had been wanting to visit the motherland for years and was in the region, so she popped over and we’ve been honeymooning all week. I’ve been giving her a Philippines-sample tour. Taking her to all my favorite restaurants and hang out spots. 

Olivia to Martine:

Melbourne or LA? So tough— both for different reasons. LA for culture and lifestyle. Melbourne for food and design

Favorite time of day to shoot? 5pm or whenever the selfie lighitng is most flattering.

Taylor Swift or Rihanna? I’m a secret Swiftie. 

Miu Miu or Marni? Miu Miu. Marni is such a close second.

Favorite restaurant in Manila? Your Local.

Favorite Pantone color? Muted peaches forever and ever.

Last place we would find you on a Friday night? Taking shots at the club. 

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life? Salmon sashimi.

Currently on repeat? Drake’s new album.

Savory or sweet? Sweet.

Most used catch phrase? I like what i like.

Favorite menu item at a cafe? Ricotta pancakes.

Palm Springs or Miami? Palm Springs.

Guilty pleasure? Watching apolocalyptic movies 

Yoga or juicing? Yoga. I’ve always found juicing overrated.

One thing you always pack for on a trip? My Alpaca blanket from Peru. 

Most underrated city? Mexico City

Biggest splurge? Nice hotels.

Best investment? Skincare products.

What moments deserve a treat yo’ self? When you’ve worked hard enough to deserve it.

Martine to Olivia:

Kendrick or Kanye? Kendrick

Favorite album? Talk is Cheap, Chet Faker

All time favorite city? Los Angeles

Next dream location? Bahia, Brazil 

Favorite foreign language word? Wabi Sabi - a Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. 

What house of Harry Potter do you belong in? Griffyndor

Favorite villan? Cruella de Ville 

Photo editing app of choice? VSCO

What would your last meal on Earth be? Truffle Pasta

Aliens or zombies? Aliens

 Time travel or teleportation? Teleportation

What are you currently reading? The Unbearable Lightness of Being (despite the title, is actually very depressing)

Biggest outfit regret? Knee high socks paired with wedges

Biggest fangirl moment? Lil Wayne at the SLS Hotel Elevator 

Tea or coffee? Tea

Favorite movie? Scarface and Basic Instinct, for outfit inspiration 

Favorite restaurant in LA? Republique

Favorite filipino dish? Sinigang

Favorite ice cream flavor? Lavender 

Last thing you googled? Transcoso, Bahia

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