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How we lost the edge after EDSA ‘86
by Gerardo P. Sicat - February 24, 2021 - 12:00am
The EDSA revolution in 1986 is celebrated as an important date in the nation’s history.
The economic managers discuss their common experience (Part 3)
by Gerardo P. Sicat - February 17, 2021 - 12:00am
[In this part 3, as in part 2 published last week, of In Dialogue: The economic managers of the Marcos administration [published by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, 2020], the statement of the...
How Marcos recruited his economic managers
by Gerardo P. Sicat - February 10, 2021 - 12:00am
The dialogue began with each one of us explaining how they were recruited.
National Historical Commission publishes Dialogue among Marcos economic managers
by Gerardo P. Sicat - February 3, 2021 - 12:00am
The National Historical Commission recently released a book of discussions among the economic managers of the Marcos administration.
The pandemic and the economic cha-cha are not separate issues
by Gerardo P. Sicat - January 27, 2021 - 12:00am
With the recent move to revive the measure to amend the restrictive provisions of the Constitution, a number of arguments have surfaced to slow it down, nay, perhaps to nip it in the bud.
The signaling effect of removing the restrictive provisions
by Gerardo P. Sicat - January 20, 2021 - 12:00am
In my appearance before the Committee on Constitutional Amendments concerning my position on the desirability of amending the restrictive provisions to open the economy to more foreign investments, I briefly summarized...
Now is the time to amend the ‘restrictive’ economic provisions in the Constitution
by Gerardo P. Sicat - January 13, 2021 - 12:00am
The country’s economy has been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and the country has suffered heavily in economic terms.
Rizal quotation for 2021
by Gerardo P. Sicat - January 6, 2021 - 12:00am
In my column of Oct. 19, 2019, I gave examples of many problems that continue to afflict and negate the economy’s forward motion.
Jose Rizal’s finances as a student in Europe
by Gerardo P. Sicat - December 30, 2020 - 12:00am
It is often thought that Jose Rizal’s studies and sojourn in Europe was one of relative comfort and ease.
The price and availability of COVID-19 vaccines
by Gerardo P. Sicat - December 23, 2020 - 12:00am
Now that the COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out for use in some countries, most of them wealthy, the main question for us now is how soon will the vaccine be available for Filipinos.
COVID-19 vaccines and developing countries
by Gerardo P. Sicat - December 16, 2020 - 12:00am
Within the year during which the COVID-19 pandemic wrought havoc on countries around the world, modern science and industry appears to have succeeded in producing an effective vaccine against the virus.
CREATE passage – A major achievement
by Gerardo P. Sicat - December 2, 2020 - 12:00am
The Senate version of the CREATE (Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises) bill was approved last week.
‘Environment and disasters: too much water or not enough of it’
by Gerardo P. Sicat - November 25, 2020 - 12:00am
Through the year’s annual cycle, we get disasters that happen with regularity. During part of the year, there could be too much water, but during the hot months, too little of it.
East Asia & Pacific-wide free trade area: the RCEP
by Gerardo P. Sicat - November 18, 2020 - 12:00am
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, or RCEP, was signed by fifteen country signatories, in Vietnam on Nov. 15.
The world, Asia and China in the post-Trump era
by Gerardo P. Sicat - November 4, 2020 - 12:00am
The US presidential election should be over by the time Filipinos wake up today in our shores. In a day or two, if not more quickly, we will know if Donald Trump will return for a second term.
The Philippine Economic Association of 1933
by Gerardo P. Sicat - October 28, 2020 - 12:00am
As prospects for political independence loomed on the horizon in 1933, thoughtful Filipinos, leaders and professionals in their different fields of interest, decided to form an association concerned with the economic...
Reforming, rebuilding and recalibrating
by Gerardo P. Sicat - October 21, 2020 - 12:00am
To build a much stronger economic foundation than we have achieved so far in our nation-building, some reforming of existing policies must accompany the nation’s economic recovery program.
Building a strong economic foundation for nation-building
by Gerardo P. Sicat - October 14, 2020 - 12:00am
To commemorate the 500th essay of this column, I deal with a lofty topic: the road toward assuring a stable and successful nation, a Filipino nation.
Super-aging in COVID times
by Gerardo P. Sicat - October 7, 2020 - 12:00am
Anyone who reaches the mid-point between the age of 80 and 90 has a lot to be thankful for. I pause to celebrate on reaching such a glorious super-age.
The peso’s appreciation might hamper a good recovery
by Gerardo P. Sicat - September 30, 2020 - 12:00am
The peso has been appreciating in recent weeks despite the gloomy economic picture, with the economy still experiencing a downturn.
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