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This is how you lose public trust. A motorist was driving along Commonwealth Avenue on the night of March 17 when a car ahead of him reversed gears.


Four million lost their jobs last Christmas and two million-first-timers couldn't find work, and all they see is politicking.

About 40 percent of all barangay captains are involved in illegal drug deals, President Duterte said last week.

This is why mob rule reigns supreme in this country.

It’s a frightening thought but it’s true.

Believe it or not, there are many foreigners who still think Filipinos live on trees.

The title is a twist on the phrase “Charity begins at home” and the point being if the government particularly MMDA, LTO and the LTFRB wants to drive home the need for motorists to follow the law, then they can make it as clear as day by starting with government drivers and vehicles.