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The administration should persuade Efren Peñaflorida to accept the invitation to join the Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor. The teacher and development worker pioneered the “pushcart classroom” in poor and underserved communities, which earned him recognition as CNN Hero of the Year in 2009.


If only because idleness tempts people into pushing shabu, the President must attack that root of the problem.



Having nearly flunked Math 101, I won’t presume to understand the intricacies of the tax reform package recently passed by the bicameral conference committee of Congress.

More than a year after appointing them into office at the Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor (PCUP), President Rodrigo Duterte found “poor” the performance of its five commissioners.

Years ago when we first heard the term “bitcoin” no one really knew what it meant. Fast forward to 2017 and bitcoin value is rising at an unprecedented rate making those who invested when it was worth virtually nothing practically rich overnight.

I hate to spoil the Scrooges around the world but I think its time to heighten the yuletide spirit. The news around continues to depress us. We get anxious, scared and eventually lose hope. We need more stories that will inspire us and make us believe that God’s miracles do happen.

How many Taipans does it take to “screw up” each other? News from NAIA recently announced that seven, yes 7 Taipans are joining forces to build a huge Airport Terminal.

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