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The secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, shared a story of his approach to the illegal drug problem when he was prime minister of Portugal.


Was the flyover construction on a major intersection stopped because of the DPWH secretary's family mall, Caviteños ask?

Leaving Manila for Vienna via Istanbul last week, I cleared immigration at the NAIA Terminal 1 quickly enough.

All persons who can perceive, and perceiving, can make known their perception to others may be witnesses in cases being tried in court.

Citing his Maranaw bloodline, the former Davao City Mayor was already warning us early on during the presidential campaign last year about the brewing powder keg in Mindanao.

After successfully campaigning to reduce or totally stop the use of plastic grocery bags, I believe it is time to call for a ban on single use 385 to 600 ML plastic bottles like the ones used for “mineral water.”