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He’s seen as a man who likes simple living – someone whose plain language and casual attire have won him mass support. He’s also the first president in a long while who was not born to wealth or to a nationally prominent political clan.


Every third household in our neighborhood would be grieving the death of a loved one in the bloody drug war.


Now that two congressmen have been tagged in the illegal drug trade, what’s President Duterte going to do about it?

A lawyer may be disbarred for immoral conduct because it adversely reflects on his fitness to practice law which is a privilege given only to those who possess or continue to possess good moral character. This is the rule applied in this case of Romy.

So many people find it easier to pray for a “Miracle” but have great difficulty undergoing the process to getting one.

A self-confessed fatalist, President Rodrigo Duterte repeatedly declares in all his extemporaneous speeches and public pronouncements about his readiness to meet His Maker. The 72-year-old President nonchalantly talks about his possible death while in office due to his existing medical problems. Or, not being able to finish his six-year term in office amid persistent coup rumors and alleged ouster plots against him.