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Garcia-led One Cebu breaks ties with Binay's UNA

One Cebu, headed by its standard bearer Winston Garcia, has severed its ties with Vice President Jejomar Binay and the United Nationalist Alliance. Among the Garcias in One Cebu are former Cebu Governor Pablo Garcia, incumbent Cebu third district Rep. Gwendolyn Garcia who is seeking reelection and former congressman Pablo John Garcia who is seeking a House seat in Cebu’s newly-created seventh district. The Freeman, Kristine Quintas

MANILA, Philippines — The Garcia family-led One Cebu Party announced on Monday that it has severed its alliance with Vice President Jejomar Binay's United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

One Cebu president and Cebu gubernatorial candidate Winston Garcia said that UNA has been not been including them in campaign sorties in the province.

"One Cebu entered into an alliance with UNA in the belief that it will be a partnership of equals. UNA treated One Cebu like Imperial Manila treats the rest of the Philippines with disrespect," Garcia said.

The decision to break its alliance with UNA was unanimous among members of One Cebu, according to Garcia.

The Cebu gubernatorial candidate added that UNA did not inform nor invite One Cebu to Binay's recent campaign sorties in the province.

"Right from the outset, UNA regarded the alliance as nothing more than a marriage of convenience," Garcia said.

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Binay said that he respects the decision of One Cebu and expressed his hopes that the two parties will be able to resolve their differences.

The presidential aspirant assured citizens of Cebu that he will pursue the promises and commitments that he made if he becomes president.

"Firstly, I will establish a Malacañang in Cebu... Under my presidency, each region and province will have funding for at least one mega project per year. And we will start here in Cebu," Binay said in a press conference.

Binay earlier urged his opponents in the presidential race to sign a general waiver and agree to open and check their bank accounts to assure transparency in the election process.

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