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Groups gear up for big anti-pork barrel rally

MANILA, Philippines - Groups advocating the scrapping of the pork barrel system are set to troop to schools in the University Belt area in Manila on Wednesday to invite people to join the noise barrage on Sept. 20.

Members of Scrap The Pork alliance will also go around the communities in Manila and Malacanang for the Mag Ingay Tayo activity noon Thursday.

The event aims to encourage every Filipinos to make some noise on Friday against pork wherever they are and whatever form of noise they can make.

The main program and highlight protest center of the “Mag-Ingay Tayo” activity will be the vicinity of Malacanang Palace to call on the attention of the Aquino administration to listen to the growing public clamor calling for the total abolition of all forms of pork barrels.

The event will also be staged on Friday in preparation for the giant rally against pork on September 21 (Saturday), dubbed as #LevelUpSept20 from Luneta to Mendiola.

The groups will also tie red ribbons along the center aisles of Espana, Morayta, Recto and Legarda to create the protest atmosphere in the area for the Mag-Ingay Tayo protest on Friday.

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They will also gather signatures in their petition against pork barrel.

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