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Makati beefs-up disaster preparedness capability

MANILA, Philippines - Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay on Tuesday said that with the passage of a resolution adopting the Makati Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Plan 2013-2019, the city goverment will be able to purchase various rescue equipment and conduct a series of seminars on disaster preparedness.

The Makati DRRM Plan is patterned after the National DRRM Act of 2010 or Republic Act 10121 so that local policies and guidelines implemented at the local level would be synchronized with those of regional and national agencies.

“Through the DRRM Plan, Makati City would be able to strengthen the four thematic areas in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, which are disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster preparedness, disaster response, and disaster recovery and rehabilitation,” Binay said..

The preparation and development of the DRRM Plan entailed a number of mini-thematicluster workshops that culminated during the MDRRMC Strategic Planning Workshop held from October 15 to 17 last year. Meetings and workshops were conducted after the strategic planning workshop to revise, validate and/or confirm the outputs that would best address the needs of the city, the constituents and stakeholders.

Implementation of the DRRM Plan 2013-2019 programs, projects and activities will be done in phases: immediate term to be done in 2013, short term (2014 to 2016), medium term (2017 to 2019) and long term (2020 onwards). Already in the pipeline is the purchase of 3 sets of 24-Bit Digital Triaxial Seismic Accelerometer (for the New Makati City Hall Building) and flood control projects. Other projects for immediate implementation include the modernization of Makati Rescue (training and purchase of water, fire and urban search and rescue equipment), hazardous material response equipment, chemical fire truck with foam, West Tower-Bangkal Decontamination operations, radio and communication system upgrade, climate change and DRR projects, mobile laboratory and psychosocial support trainings, drainage masterplan implementation, flood measuring device with CCTV for flood prone areas and creeks, among others.

The expenditure will be defrayed from the Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Fund for 2013 which is 70 percent (PhP342.9 million) of the 5 percent (PhP489.8 million) Local DRRM Fund (5 percent of the total annual revenues of Makati). The remaining 30 percent (Php146.9 million) will be utilized as Quick Response Fund during disasters and emergencies.

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The Makati Command Control and Communication (C3) Center, the first in the country and benchmarked by local and international bodies, has upgraded its surveillance system by increasing the CCTVs from 11 (primarily in Ayala) to 115 (capable of covering major thoroughfares.

Makati C3 is visited monthly by local and provincial governments in the country and abroad including Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, Ecuador, Nepal, Kyoto, England, Bhutan; international organizations (United Nations, Earthquake and Megacities Initiative), Office of the Vice President, barangay governments and associations, local and barangay DRRM Offices from other LGUs, state and private universities and secondary schools, computer school for the deaf and mute, research firm, television media firms, national agencies and commissions (e.g. Commission on Audit, Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, National Statistics Office, Department of Education from different jurisdictions), SK Federation and PLEB from other LGUs, security organization, senior citizens organizations, Korean Boy Scouts, private and volunteer organizations, youth organizations, search and rescue/first responder groups (505 SARAGI, Red Cross), and several others.

Mayor Binay said that the formulation of the plan is part of the ongoing efforts of the city government to enhance its disaster resiliency in order to attain sustainable development.

“Makati is continually strengthening its position as a model of world-class local governance capable of providing for the well-being of its constituents and stakeholders through DRRM,” said.

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