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Canadian ship to make goodwill visit

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Regina. - Photo courtesy of Philippine Navy

MANILA, Philippines - A Canadian military ship is in the country for a goodwill visit that seeks to boost the relationship between Canada and the Philippines.

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Regina on Tuesday docked at the Port of Manila and will stay in the country until Saturday.

Lieutenant Commander Gregory Fabic, acting spokesman of the Philippine Navy, said the visit would allow them to learn from their Canadian counterparts.

“The ship tour and exchange of expertise would provide added knowledge to our personnel,” Fabic said in a phone interview.

The vessel, which arrived in Manila a few minutes after 1 p.m., is now docked at Pier 13 in South Harbor, Manila. It is manned by 42 officers and 219 enlisted personnel led by Commander Jason Boyd.

Navy ships met the visiting vessel early afternoon Tuesday in the vicinity of Corregidor Island.

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Crew members of Regina are expected to make a courtesy call to Navy chief Vice Adm. Jose Luis Alano. Philippine Navy personnel will also be allowed to tour the ship

Fabic said members of the two navies will also engage in goodwill games to enhance their relationship.

“It (goodwill visit) also aims to express compassionate interest or concern especially in inter-operability engagement and other joint efforts,” he said.

Regina’s visit came amid the controversy surrounding the grounding of USS Guardian in Tubbataha Reef last month.

Authorities are still in the process of extricating the ship, which has caused the damage in the reef’s extensive coral network.

Officials said the incident would not jeopardize future port calls by foreign ships since they form part of the Philippines’ relationship with other countries.


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