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All set for Quezon Avenue clearway

The Quezon Avenue clearway traffic scheme will be implemented starting tomorrow, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said.

The traffic scheme aims to have a "non-stop" flow of traffic on Quezon Avenue, one of the most perennially congested areas in Metro Manila, MMDA Traffic Operations Center Director Angelito Vergel de Dios said yesterday.

The clearway follows the no crossing and no left turn scheme on Commonwealth and North Avenue-EDSA, which was implemented soon after MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando began his term last year.

It is also the same concept followed on Marcos Avenue in Marikina City started some three months ago, Vergel de Dios said.

The clearway involves the entire stretch of Quezon Avenue, from the Elliptical Road in Quezon City to the Mabuhay Rotunda at the boundary of Quezon City and Manila, he added.

The MMDA has put U-turn slots some 100-200 meters away from the intersections on Quezon Ave.

Vergel de Dios said the MMDA might do away with traffic lights on Quezon Avenue.

"We won’t need them anymore because traffic flow should be continuous. In fact, we would be needing less traffic enforcers in the area," he said.

When asked about the jeepney drivers that tend to load and unload right in the middle of the street, Vergel de Dios replied that it was already a matter of attitude of the drivers.

"Yung ganung driver ang dapat tanggalin sa daan. Kahit anong traffic scheme ang susundin basta sa gitna sila nagbababa, balewala rin ang scheme," he noted.

Vergel de Dios added that the clearway or no-left turn scheme should ideally be implemented on all the majors thoroughfares in Metro Manila. However, the MMDA would need the consent of the mayor in the concerned area before the scheme can be implemented. — Nikko Dizon

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