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CAAP orders airlines to use aerobridges

MANILA, Philippines -  The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) ordered yesterday all airlines to use aerobridges to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

In yesterday’s memorandum order from the Office of the Director General, signed by deputy director general Capt. John Andrews, the CAAP said it has received complaints about airlines refusing to use airport aerobridges for economic reasons, putting passengers at risk and exposing them to the elements in bad weather. 

The use of aerobridges at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport costs international airlines $36 (P1,461.96 at the exchange rate of P40.61 per $1) per hour and domestic airlines $22 (P893.42) per hour. Other airports charge slightly lower fees, the CAAP said.

The CAAP’s memorandum directs airlines to “cease and desist” from implementing corporate policies geared toward avoiding the use of aerobridges. 

The agency said airlines will be fined P50,000 for each recorded violation of the order or each instance that airline personnel refuse to use an aerobridge whenever one is declared available for use by the CAAP, in accordance with Section 82 of Republic Act 9497, the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008.       

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