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Erap plays ‘ninong’ at Tondo mass wedding

MANILA, Philippines - Former President Joseph Estrada served as “ninong” (godfather) to 162 couples during a mass civil wedding in Balut, Tondo over the weekend.

Dubbed “Kasalang Masa,” the event was organized and sponsored by the Pink Ladies Assistance Group Inc. for their 12th anniversary celebration.

Aside from Estrada, Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, former Senate president Ernesto Maceda and incumbent Manila councilors also stood as godfathers.

The wedding ceremony was officiated by Rev. Bienvenido de Guzman at a covered court in Riverside, Younger street in Tondo.

Jennifer Pallen, 28, who married her boyfriend of six years, Arwin, 30, said she feels special to have a former president as godfather.

“I’m happy because my ninong is a big shot,” Pallen said.

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Rafael and Maria Arlene Buenafe, who had been living together for 15 years, were among the newlyweds.

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