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Dad kills son for incest with sister

A 21-year-old laborer was stabbed to death by his father for having sexual relations with his sister in Makati City yesterday afternoon.

Brian Bacarro, single, laborer, of barangay Barangka, Mandaluyong City, died instantly with 10 stab wounds.

His father Leo, 46, married, also a laborer and resident of 4050 Bernardino St., Laperal Compound, is now detained at the Makati police detention center after he surrendered to the police.

Police Officer 3 Juvenal Barbossa said the incident occurred at around 12:45 p.m. in the elder Bacarro’s house.

The suspect told police that before the incident, his son arrived at his house to fetch his daughter, Brian’s sister Juliet, 19, and bring her back to live with him in an incestuous arrangement in Mandaluyong.

According to Leo, his son and daughter’s incestuous affair was a known in their neighborhood and Juliet had admitted the relationship in a bitter confrontation last April.

Leo revealed that Brian and Juliet had lived together in the former’s house as man and wife until he fetched his daughter last week to stop the illegal relationship.

Leo said that he was angered when his son had the temerity to go to his house to get his sister back.

The police said Brian reportedly brandished a knife and tried to stab his father but the latter parried the thrust. In the ensuing grapple for the knife, Leo got hold of the knife and in a blind rage, repeatedly stabbed his son.

Police are now readying appropriate charges against the elder Bacarro. – Rainier Allan Ronda

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