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Body Talk with Wendy Valdez

imageOne look at Wendy Valdez and you are convinced that she is one of the country’s tourist attractions, no wonder she was named Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism (first runner-up) in the 2005 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant held last March 19 at the Big Dome. Warm and friendly, the 22-year-old stunner fits her title to a T: She has a ready bedimpled smile that is definitely a refreshing sight to any tourist, foreign or local. With her whistle-bait figure (117 lbs. evenly distributed in her 5’5.5"/34-23.5-35.5 frame), Wendy can also usher in tourists with mere body language.

A Masscom junior at FEU, Wendy was Miss Navotas in 2000. She is the eldest among the three children of Reynaldo Valdez (a seaman) and Aurea Manalus. Her interests include writing poems, acting, dancing and singing. In 1998, she was among the 12 finalists in the Metropop Star Search; she front-acted on David Pomeranz’s provincial tour. She used to be a member of a band called Oona, so-called because, she explained, "we played No. l songs – you know, una –but we changed the spelling to Oona para unique." Their gigs included those at Strumms and Dish.

Asked if she’s interested in joining showbiz, she readily answered, "Yes, why not? I wish I could be...who knows?"

In fact, she did audition at ABS-CBN but that was the farthest she had dared venture into showbiz.

Friends (and even strangers) have been telling Wendy that her looks are more pang-showbiz than pang-beauty queen. Her favorites are, in fact, not beauty queens but showbiz stars like Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie ("I just love her lips!").

And what role would she like to do if and when?

"I want to be a versatile actress. I can do drama, comedy or action. I feel that I can do any role. At FEU, I was with the theater guild for a few months. But I’d rather not do sexy roles."

Did she ask permission from her boyfriend when she joined the Bb. Pilipinas contest?

"No," Wendy quickly said. "I don’t have a boyfriend."

Before Wendy embarks on her mission as tourism promoter, Funfare invited her for a little "body talk."

What sort of diet do you follow?

"None, really. I eat anything. A lot when I’m hungry. I’m lucky that my metabolism is fast."

What workout do you do?

"Honestly? I don’t work out. I haven’t even been to a gym."

How much sleep do you get per night?

"At least eight hours. Less than that, I feel sleepy."

How much liquid do you take every day?

"I drink a lot of water. I even go to sleep with a gallon of water beside my bed, that’s why I keep on waking up to go to the bathroom."

What vitamins are you taking?

"Only vitamin C."

How do you cope with stress?

"When I’m stressed out, I go to a friend’s house and we talk and talk. It’s very relaxing."

How do you pamper yourself?

"I shop. The other day, I went shopping. When I got home, my mom scolded me because I bought so many things."

Do you meditate?

"I don’t."

What part of your body is your favorite?

"My face. All of it."

What part of a man’s body is your favorite?

"His face, too."

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

"My throat. Because I sing. When I’m tired or stressed out, my throat becomes painful."

What part of your body do you think needs a little improvement?

"My waistline. It needs some trimming."

How’s your nightlife?

"These days, I seldom go out. Busy, eh! But before, I would sometimes hang out with friends in Libis (Quezon City)."

And your love life?

"I used to have a boyfriend. Now, none."

How long does it take you to fix yourself?

"From the shower to the dressing up? Around one hour and a half. Kasi I have to blow-dry my hair. It takes me time kasi mabagal akong kumilos."

Do you apply anything on your face?

"Aside from makeup, just sunblock. But I wipe off my makeup as soon as I get home and wash my face with soap and water."

Are you vain like most good-looking women?

"Actually, no."

Name three men who you think have beautiful bodies.

"Diether Ocampo. Kaya lang, he looks too thin in person. There’s Paolo Bediones. And Piolo Pascual."

And three women...

"Angelina Jolie. Heather Graham. Julia Roberts."

Using body language, how would you make a guy know that you admire him?

"I just smile at him."

* * *

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