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Christmas gridlock looms; can MRT-3 GM avert it?

With Chavez out, who will lobbyists now badmouth to Duterte, as they insert their respective unqualified maintenance firms?


Growing up as a nomadic untouchable in Lahore, Pakistan, Muhammad Sabir lived in tents with none of the amenities of modern life.

Violating the separation of powers

One of the basic principles of our Democratic Republic, well enshrined in our Constitution is the principle of “Separation of Powers” among the three branches of government: the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial departments.

Shaking on their boots

Three mayors whose names appeared on the “narco-list” of President Duterte have so far been killed in reported police anti-drug operations.

Zero tolerance vs zero intelligence

Instead of trying to justify the President’s decision to fire Dionisio Santiago from the Dangerous Drugs Board by citing a sheet full of bull shit, it might be better for all the President’s men to investigate if they were actually set up with the intent of destabilizing the anti-drug campaign...

Sharon-Robin flick lacks Star Cinema push

November 29 is the playdate of “Unexpectedly Yours,” the comeback movie of the tandem Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, the movie also features Joshua Garcia (who plays Robin’s nephew) and Julia Barretto as the daughter of Sharon.

Impact ng EQ sa Career

Ang emotional intelligence ay malaki ang impact para magtagumpay sa profession o career.

Is Mazda ready to race the MX-5 locally?

What’s the most raced brand in America’s grassroots racing scene?

Adieu To Alaïa, The Master Craftsman of Slow Fashion

The fashion world is mourning the loss of Azzedine Alaïa, one of the world’s foremost couturiers who passed away last  Nov. 18 in Paris, the city where he built his famed atelier.

Eye for luxury

International luxury group Kering Eyewear presented its latest collection from seven iconic brands at The Gallery of The Peninsula Manila recently.