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China’s design in SCS; impact on Philippine security

Two analyses, from China’s and the Philippine standpoints, explain the sea disputes.


Asean host

As luck would have it, the revolving chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations fell on the Philippines on the 50th year since the bloc was established.

Throw the tax net to catch all

For this purpose, a tax amnesty program would be legislated "to clear up all tax cases" of the BIR.


In some cases, there may be an eyewitness to a crime who can testify directly on what happened at the crime scene. Usually however, the crime is committed in a dark place so the person committing the crime may not be easily identified.

Tell tale signs

The “issue” or “controversy” over government rice importations should simply be a Presidential decision or part of government policy. But weeks after President Duterte made the decision, it would “seem as if” there was a brewing controversy where the National Food Administration (NFA) and not President Duterte is being made to appear like the big bad wolf or criminal in government.

Finally, a home for Garcia?

There’s never been any doubt that former FEU star guard R. R. Garcia can play the game at a high level. But on his fourth PBA season, Garcia is still looking for a home to build his future.

The stink at the NHA

The Kadamay takeover of long unoccupied NHA housing units in Pandi, Bulacan is an eye opener. In the midst of the outcry about the anarchy of the takeover, let us not forget the problem at the bottom of it all: corruption and ineptness at the NHA.

Honor government deals

The President’s inclusive growth and development stragey called “DuterteNomics”which is anchored on an ambitious infrastructure buildup becomes a lot easier with the help of private businesses which put in billions of pesos in new infrastructure projects despite problems caused by some government agencies which do not seem to sing the same tune as the President.

Armand V. Fabella’s life in government and education

From 1960 to the 1990s, one of the most prominent public officials in Philippine economic and public management was Armand V. Fabella.

1st Sem role close to Lotlot’s heart

When art imitates life, the line between the reel and the real disappears.