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Greg hires Saavedra as project consultant

CEBU, Philippines – Cebu Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez has hired Engineer Crisologo Saavedra yesterday as consultant on project monitoring and evaluation to ensure transparency in transactions made by the province.

Saavedra said that his work will be a foundation of good governance given his anti-corruption advocacies.

"My work is foundation on good governance. I will be consulted on issues that will protect the people's money and the Office of the Governor and if there are correc-tions or violations of the law, I will be allowed to file a case or any legal action as a consultant," he said.

Saavedra is expected to give advices to the Office of the Governor on project monitoring and evaluation, recommend strategies in the delivery of services.

He will also assist in the supervision and monitoring of resolutions and ordinances.

Saavedra said he offered his services to Sanchez to help him but he considers himself not as the governor's enemy since he will be putting the province in the right per-spective.

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"Since the governor is depriving him his right to get a consultant which I think is unfair, I decided to offer my services and nobody forced me to do this. I am also do-ing this in favor to her since the province will be in the right perspective and if there is an aid for legislation, I will do the right thing," he told reporters.

"This is not a matter of being friends but it is a matter of doing something which is right. This is nothing personal but helping the Cebuanos," added Saavedra, a con-tractor and a supplier for the government for 30 years.

Saavedra's salary will come from the pocket of the vice governor. (FREEMAN)

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